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Thoughts on Paris Killings

Thoughts on Paris Killings

There is no such thing as freedom of speech in this world.  Everything is regulated.  All media is regulated.  When we speak to the public we will never have freedom of speech, you can only have freedom of speech in private, to yourself but never freedom of speech to the public.  Just as we will never have the freedom to walk around naked in public, the law places its restrictions, and if it is not the law, public disapproval will place its restrictions. 

I can understand the importance of freedom of speech when it comes to Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, fighting against racism.  But I cannot understand freedom of speech when it comes to a cartoonist promoting hatred and humiliation towards a certain religion or religious figure.  I see that this newspaper was threatened in the past for this sort of extreme disrespect towards the religion in the past.  They were fire bombed, they were sued, they were threatened but yet they still decided to continue on with their expression of hate towards the religion. 

The outcome is no surprise to me.  In America, look at our street gangs and how much importance they place in their “gang”, they live and die for their gang.  They live and die for respect.  If you disrespect them, they will kill you, no second chances.  If you are caught in their territory, they will kill you.  If you are seen wearing their colors, they will kill you.  If you look at them the wrong way, they will kill you.  If you are driving a car that they want, they will kill you.  If you are wearing a pair of shoes that they want, they will kill you.  They will even kill you for no reason at all; they may just kill you for initiation into the gang. 

Realize that religions are gangs.  Just as there are gang members who will live and die for their gang, there will be people in religions that will live and die for their religion.  Disrespect their leader, disrespect their religion, and they will come and get you.  We don’t have freedom to disrespect, go too far with it and you will pay the price.  Tupac and Biggie died from disrespect, many gang members have died from disrespect, many people are in jail because of disrespect. 

If you step on somebody’s toes in the club on purpose, the person might kill you because of it.  Even if you step on somebody’s toes by accident, the person might kill you because of it.  If you sleep with somebody’s wife, the husband might kill you over it.  You vandalize somebody’s car; the person might kill you over it.  Anytime you get somebody angry, if the person is crazy enough, he will kill you over it.  And in case you didn’t know, we live in a world with a lot of crazy people. 

What do you think is the result of bullying?  Here the cartoonists were bullying the practitioners of a certain religion, not just one time but on multiple occasions.  Publicly humiliating and disrespecting a religion that is practiced by millions of people all over the world.  People can only withstand bullying for so long before they react.  The person responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre was more than likely a victim of bullying for most his life.  The outcome was bottled up anger that turned into an extreme form of violence. 

I support freedom of speech, but if we live in a world where mass media promotes there to be hate speech and discourages love speech, then I do not support freedom of speech.  If mass media is promoting 90% hate speech and preventing the spread of love speech, then I do not support freedom of speech.  I support freedom of speech for Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Buddha, Osho.  But I do not promote freedom of speech for Hitler, Stalin, and a lot of these corrupted Politicians. 

Fact of the matter is, if Nazi’s own mass media, their freedom of speech influences 90% of the population.  And those who are promoting positivity and love are banned from gaining access to mass media or are assassinated, then it is not really freedom of speech.  It ends up being freedom of speech for the Evil and no speech for the Good.  You cannot possibly say that freedom of speech for Barak Obama is the same freedom of speech for me.  Barak can make one statement and now millions will listen, whereas for myself, one statement made by me is heard by a handful of people. 

So if the greatest influences of society are mentally and spiritually corrupted, then freedom of speech is not a good thing.  These corrupted individuals will use their freedom of speech to promote hatred and negativity in this world.  These cartoonists were not promoting peace, love, and harmony.  I am not saying that they should be killed but you have people like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Gandhi, and John Lennon who were promoting equality, peace, love, and compassion, but they were all assassinated.  And I am pretty certain that there were not millions of people that gathered to mourn their deaths.  But yet for these cartoonists that were publishing cartoons that were full of hate and disrespect are being mourned by millions, it doesn’t add up to me.

I mean how stupid can you be?  Certain things are best not being said.  We live in a world that is very sensitive.  Many radio stations don’t even allow for their to be profanity.  Racism is a very sensitive issue here in America, knowing this, even if you are a hardcore Nazi, you should have the common sense to know what you can do and what you cannot do.  You can’t go to work and start calling all black people the N-word and then say, well “I have freedom of speech.”  What you expect for yourself not to get fired? 

Imagine if a big name newspaper like the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times published cartoons on the front page of their newspapers showing African American’s getting hanged and then making a joke out of it.  Not just one time, but on multiple occasions.  Then people burned down the entire newspaper office and then people sued them and people are sending them death threats and then they still continue to publish this sort of disrespectful material.  That’s pretty much what I see to be what happened, you have the people in control of mass media in Paris who were pushing their agenda of hate towards a certain religion repetitively, basically inciting a war. 

Those who believe that “sticks and stones will hurt my bones but words will never hurt me” is believing in a lie.  Words can cause great psychological damage, especially to those who are psychologically unstable.  We live in a world where there are more and more people who are psychologically unstable, so my word of advice is, be careful of what you say.  Do not have the mistaken belief that you can go around disrespecting whomever you want and not expect for there to be any consequences.  Test it out right now, go ahead and disrespect your boss and see what happens, more than likely you will be fired or the planning towards your termination will begin immediately.  You might think you have the right to freedom of speech, but the person of whom you are disrespecting will then believe he has the right to retaliation.  There is a time and place to speak; sometimes it is best to stay silent.  

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  1. Good post. It reminds me of that saying; "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".


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