Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Discipline and respect

I was training today at home at a room that's outside of the house, minding my own business, I have a cousin, he's 4 years old, he has been really spoiled by his parents and doesn't respect nobody, I don't care if he's a child, I respect him and his space, it's only fair he does the same with me.

Anyways, I was training, next thing you, he enters the room naked, I knew what he was about to do, I told him to get out, he did, and he pooped outside of the room, right at the entrance, his fathers came and picked it up, my mother came and had to clean up the mess. I was pissed off, he came again, I told him, you are not welcome here anymore, I closed the door and he went mad as hell, he started hitting the door as hard as he could, then he came back one more time, I told him that he cannot enter, to get out, he told me, that he wasn't going to, I grabbed him, since I'm a lot bigger  I don't need to be violent or use a lot of force to get him out, I closed the door again, he went to his parents crying and shit, complaining about how I didn't let him in. They told him he had to apologize which he never did, which means he didn't come back again.

In my opinion, kids need to have discipline and parents need to teach them that, they need to teach them respect. So realized, if I respect people I deserve to be respected aswell, If I treat people good, I respect their space, I respect their things, I deserved to be treated in the same way. If you are a bully, you deserve to be bullied, if you are a rapist, you deserve to be raped. I treat people good, and I expect to be treated in the same way too, people respect you because they either admire you or they fear you, I'll take what I can get.

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