Thursday, January 8, 2015

Re: to american exploitation of the martial arts

I agree with lots of things said on that video, I disagree a litle bit on the fact that people should only take the name kung fu if they are chinese, i think people do that when they refer to a style.
People who learn muay thai for example, end up learning the techniques from muay thai, the rules of muay thai, and the traditions involved in muay thai, and they stay within those aspects, so I think people take these namess when they talk about styles, For example you may have a black person who plays in the style of spanish guitar, that means he employs the techniques of the spanish guitar, he plays repertoire of the spanish guitarm and he stays only within that style.

I do see why Freddie disagrees with it though, it's like having a group of African music, and all the members of the  group come from america or europe and are in no way related to the african ethnic background, so yeah it makes sense to say ok if you belong to a group of music that plays african music, there should at least be on person that comes from there. Or brazilian jiu jitsu, cool, the name is brazilian jiu jitsu, and they are training it in the USA, in England, in Canada, in Russia, and in places where there isn't a single brazilian dude in there, How can it be called brazilian if there's nothing in there that relates to the Brazil other than the the techniques that come from there, so they end up refering to brazilian jiu jitsu as the style that they train,as oppose to where it comes from, so I see why Freddie disagrees with it, but I also see why people use those names.

And you have people like Bruce Lee, he did wing chun at first, but the he did all kinds of things that were not wing chun, so he stopped saying that he did wing chun, which makes a lot of sense. And you might have people who do jiu jitsu and other who do brazilian jiu jitsu, or for example, jazz comes from the USA, but you have people doing brazilian jazz, which is jazz mixed with brazilian music forms or whatever, but hen we could have american taekwondo, but the word taekwondo comes from Korea, whereas american comes from america obviously, so maybe it should be called something like american way of the fist and foot, instead of american taekwondo. But at the same time the term american taekwondo would be mixing the two cultures, meaning an american learned taekwondo and then added american influences but it still maintains its fundamentals from the original taekwondo, but why not just change the name instead of using the word taekwondo on it. so yeah people take advantage on this names to reach out to more people. theres lots of martial arts that are influenced by kung fu but they aren't called kung fu, so just because you have an influence in something, or the fundamentals come fromcertain style, it doesn't mean you should take the name of that style. And it is all a very confusing mess lol.

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