Friday, January 2, 2015

My thoughts on JKD training

Now that I've been training alone, I've decided to include Bruce Lee's teachings aswell, I read the Bruce Lee's fighting method basic training, haven't read the rest of the method because I just started training on it, why would I read the rest that goes beyond the basics. And Ive been implementing stuff from the basic training one. However in my search I have strayed away from Bruce's original teachings and started looking into some of his students or students from the students teachings, I ain't gonna lie, there's some really cool stuff in those ones, however if I'm not mistaken one of Bruce's ultimate goals was to have his own expression of the martial arts.  And that's what Jeet Kune Do is all about. To represent yourself freely. Is funny how ALL of these people teaching "JKD" are infact teaching techniques that Bruce taught them and they just pass them by and they call that the Jeet Kune Do martial art. They have turned it into a style, which contradicts what JKD really is. JKD is Bruce Lee's own expressions of the martial arts. And I bet he wanted his students to have their own expressions aswell. But all of them are doing exactly what Bruce taught them, Bruce Lee's expression, that's what they try to teach. Of course there's nobody better to teach the Bruce Lee's expression other than Bruce Lee. They shouldn't call it Jeet Kune Do, they should call it "The  Bruce Lee's  techniques that were taught to Dan Inosanto and other direct students from Bruce Lee, that were later taught to the students of the students by the students of Bruce Lee". But they just call it JKD, lol.
Bruce Lee wanted to represent himself, and most of his students are trying to represent him aswell. Instead of representing themselves. Of course they might add some of their own variations to Bruce Lee's techniques, it would be a lot better to learn them directly from Bruce and then you do your own interpretation, i think Bruce knew that everybody will take his teachings, and instead of making their own thing, they would just try to be like Bruce and profit off it. It's to bad he died so early, if he didn't died I think we could have learnt a lot more from him, I feel there's a lot of stuff that he knew that he never taught personally, and then you have people saying oh, not many people know this but this  is what Bruce was doing in the last year he was alive.  The thing is, we don't have a real confirmation of that, and were the people teaching this stuff got it from, because a lot of them were not direct students of Bruce. And I don't see them trying to teach the entire philosophical aspect of it, they way of of life, just the techniques. and have converted it into a fighting style.

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  1. I agree with what you have stated. But what I see is that we need to let Bruce go and see how there are MANY who have gone beyond him. I mean as far as spirit is concerned, Bruce's Master was J.Krishnamurti, if you really want to better yourself in that area, study J.Krishnamurti, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, Osho. As far as combat is concerned, I mean Albert Einstein created the atom bomb! The "secrets" that Bruce knew were small potatoes. You can see it before your own eyes, many people have surpassed Bruce in kicking ability, flexibility, strength, etc. Bruce pretty much only had a trump in speed, which is hard to gauge and that's why I think he focused so much energy in it. He wanted to own something that nobody else could compare to on a fixed scale. But what cannot really be beaten, was his creativity and authenticity, that cannot be competed with, that is just something special that does not come by often. Like a Jesus, a Buddha, a MLK, a Malcomm X, a 2pac. Physically speaking, his level of athleticism can be passed with not much difficulty. Scientifically, the art of unarmed combat, shoot even someone like Mayweather who can barely read has that perfected. Realize, not to get stuck at Bruce, go beyond Bruce Lee, realize the potential within yourself. We are all naturally born Buddha's, Bruce was a Buddha. We are all equal to Bruce, we just have to realize it


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