Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fuck Daycare Martial Arts and Fuck MMA

"An alternative to daycare, build character and self-confidence." - Foncesca Daycare Martial Arts

Reading this ad on the sidebar is ridiculous.  In America, a "Martial Arts" school is seen as an alternative to daycare, really.  Is joining the Military, Police Academy, or Gang an alternative to daycare?  To me, Real Martial Arts is like joining the Police Force or Military and joining combat sport is like joining a Gang.  It's some serious shit that goes on, its not for children.

Because of stupid ass ads like this, people think that Martial Arts is for children.  Are guns and knives for children?  No.  Real Martial Arts is for responsible adults, it is some serious and deadly shit if you don't handle the shit correctly.

Because of ads like this, the Fucking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Fucking Rangers, and the Karate Fucking Kid, we either view Martial Arts to be for children or for Fighters; real Martial Arts is  just non existent in America.  There is no fucking balance.

This ad proves my point, a lot of Martial Arts schools such as Tae Kwon Do and Karate are really just fucking daycare centers.  Don't fucking call that shit Martial Arts, call it what it is.  A fucking daycare center with pajamas and colored belts to build false self-confidence within oneself.  To make you feel like your a badass when in actuality you ain't shit.  To make you think you can fight when in actuality you will get you ass beat the fuck down.

A 10 year old kid walking around with a black belt, are you fucking kidding me.  Can a 10 year old kid become a Police Officer, NO!  That little shit is not going to be able to protect himself or anyone from any great bodily harm.  Even an 18 year old cannot be a Police Officer.  The minimum age to be a Police Officer is 21, so I see that the earliest anyone should be able to retain a black belt if they are to get any bullshit belt is 21.

It's all fucking bullshit, a fucking scam.  Daycare centers have fucking turned into Martial Art schools and criminal enterprises are now promoting cage fighting as Martial Arts.  So it's either Power Fucking Rangers or Beating someone down in a cage.  There is no balance out there, there is no Bruce Lee or Jet Li schools out there teaching a true balance.  Even the police departments are corrupted.

Fuck these corrupted motherfuckas who go around destroying the reputation of the Martial Arts.  Fuck the goddamn cage fighters and these low life motherfuckas running daycare centers under the name of the Martial Arts.  Shit pisses me the fuck off.  People wonder why I'm so fucking mad and negative all the time.  Seeing shit like this and cage fighting is unbearable to me.  If I didn't give a damn about Martial Arts, I wouldn't be angry.  But how can anybody ever understand, how can you even care about Martial Arts if you don't even know what it is?

Here you have Americans exploiting the teachings of the East.  Enslaving them to work in factories for 50 cents per hour is not good enough, they need to also exploit their culture, destroy the reputation, and profit from it at the same time.  The people of the East are modern day slaves.

If you are an Indian living on a beautiful land and then all of a sudden a man named Christopher Columbus and all his buddies comes in to kill you and your entire family to steal your land away and call it America, would you not be pissed?

Well Dana White is like Christopher Columbus and Myself, Bruce Lee, and Brandon Lee is like the Indians living on the beautiful land.  Dana White is coming in with his Brazilan Blow Job Ju-Jitsu Crew to kill off all the Real Martial Artists, take over the land and calling it American Mixed Martial Arts.  You wonder why the fuck I am so pissed off at MMA.

Then we have a real Martial Artist like Bruce Lee living and expressing the Martial Arts, all of a sudden he dies out of no where and is replaced with Jackie Fucking Chan, the pioneer promoter of Fucking DayCare Martial Arts.

Fuck this shit, America don't know shit about the Martial Arts, they just know how to Rape and destroy the reputation of Real Martial Arts.


  1. I love martial arts men people and I just
    Whant to say Sifu Freddie Lee is that your are a real martial arts just like bruce lee and its good to learn from you freddie lee and bruce lee.

  2. daycare martial art alright here a backpack full of glove and shit now go there out there and do homework in the cage

  3. As always: same old Freddie Lee. I find pleasure seeing you uncensored for some reasons. Lol. Because when you are censored, I feel as if you are not being completely yourself. Not that it is your fault but you are forced to do it. I am glad to see that your expression can be as real as it can be on the blog.

  4. Lol @ 10 year old being a police officer.

    The rise and popularity of "Daycare Martial Arts" just shows how much money there is to be made by enticing parents to drop their kids off at these glorified psuedo-dojo daycare centers. Shit, if I was pulling in $100k a month for babysitting some kids, I'd say "Fuck it" too and just watch the money pile up! LOL! (Not really, but I can see the mentality and how easy it is to let go of being a true martial artist, and simply embracing the easy money from being a businessman)...


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