Monday, June 23, 2014

Knuckles 2

This is what i was mentioned in a earlier post some days they are darker


  1. Yeah that kinda looks familiar. I think I have that too, it's just that my skin is darker and it is not as noticeable. It comes along with the training. Some people bruise easier than others, just don't over do it or you can start striking with your palms instead.

  2. it depends when you put a lot of pressure you might break your risk or dislocate the knuckle and make them attach together do you have one of these problems

  3. I doubt it considering my hands, knuckles, or wrist have never been injured or any pain and ive been training for around a year or more now.

    1. try training for about 10 more years or more than that you would see the foolish mistake you would made i dont know if you would fix yourself


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