Friday, June 20, 2014

Why People Follow

"When you are told by somebody else what to do, you don't have any responsibility for whether or not it is right or wrong.  You feel free of responsibility; you don't have to think about it; you don't have to be worried about it.  The whole responsibility goes to the person who is giving you orders to do something."  - Osho

That is why I find it very hard for me to be an authority to anyone other than myself.  I have a very hard time telling people what to do.  I don't like being in power.  I don't like controlling others.  I like to find my own path and I like to encourage others to find their own path.  Soldiers and Police Officers follow orders, Martial Artists do not follow orders blindly, they head towards Tao and are ready and able to rebel against corrupted authority.

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