Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just a thought i had

I don't understand why people put so much time in their life on cars, computers, video games ect. People need to stop wasting their lives on bullshit go outside every once and awhile. Play sports, exercise, do something proactive. Your not going to take all that stuff with you when you pass away. Everyone has the potential to be great at something, so stop wasting time start before its to late, and never let someone say you cant do something are you'll never achieve anything in life.


  1. For example, everyone told me in my family and friends guys cant do splits theirs no way you can do it their main point was your balls will get injured or some bs like that. Over the last year ive managed to do a middle split well if i let that bs get to me i would have never acomplished my goal, and P.S my balls are fine lmbo

  2. There are people who will chase after money to buy technologies, big homes, nice cars, etc. and there are people who will spend their time exercising and developing their bodies to achieve fitness feats. Is one better than the other? One can possibly be healthier than the other but it depends. If both motivations are ego based, they both can be unhealthy ways of expression. One man has an over inflated ego because he has more money, the other man has an over inflated ego because he is stronger and more fit. Both individuals have an over inflated ego, both individuals are not spiritually developed. How about this, let us work towards being healthy, fit, athletic, rich, and spiritual. Lets build towards having it all in meditation.


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