Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Haven't Train In Combative

I haven't train in combative since I left the dojo. When I practice my techniques for the first time since the day that I left, I noticed that my techniques were not as good as before when I was at the dojo. So it's not precise, not sharp or dynamic. This means that I have to start training, but this time I have to go back to being a beginner. Relearn all the basic forms or techniques with power, speed, grace and accuracy, and also the movement -ways to dodge, move with and counter.    

The reasons why I haven't train in combative, is because I've been busy with work (helping my parents), and school (study). I do workout, so I'm getting fit, but when I'm working out to get fit or get in good shape I don't have time to practice techniques combative and forms, and I don't have anyone to practice with, and also there is no boxing bag or a dummy at my gym. So I can't practice it at all. But all I can do at the gym is weights (or strength) training, endurance which I run on the treadmill, and flexibility. I run for 5 minutes with maximum incline at 9.5 km/hr which is like my warm up, then I do the strength or weights training for an hour, and I do my stretching for another hour also. I can't spend too much time at the gym because I have to study. So I train at the gym 5 days a week. But as for the two days off, it is my rest day and my catch up work day/just study day, because I'm always falling behind at school.

That's pretty much about my life, but sometimes on my two days off which is the weekend I do some spiritual and more intellectual training by reading books, by meditating and self reflecting. So this show that there is  an imbalance in the martial art, as I only can get physically fit, and cultivate my spirit and intellect (gaining more knowledge) but not train in the combative, so that is missing. But to be honest I don't really know how to train combatively without a boxing bag or a dummy or without a person to spar with. I know I can just shadow box all day but that is not enough to be proficient.

Can someone give me a suggestion to train combatively?

 I can practice form but that's it. I still also remember the techniques, in fact maybe all the techniques (which is like over 100), but it's endless only if I am at a high level where I am creative. But I can't execute the techniques precisely. I do have weapons but I can't really practice with it, because there is not enough room and I can't train outside because there are people, and I don't have have  the right environment outside to train. Basically the place where I'm living is the ghetto or the hood whatever you call it. If only I had a better house that is located in a beautiful environment with no or less people . Maybe I should just write a scroll or a book full of combative techniques as I might forget later on in life.

I guess I'm not really a martial artist, as I'm missing the martial aspect as well as art because the art is the form, the artistic form like for example katas or CLF forms, and the martial is just combative training with a bag or sparring with a person in my opinion. I only have the knowledge and the wisdom or philosophy (or philosia) as I read a lot and also watch FMK videos. So there is an imbalance in yin-yang or internal-external, as my expression is overly yin or internal.

However next year I should be going to university (Otago) to study health science, and maybe I can join a martial art club like taekwondo, or judo because I want to learn something new. It's also good to join rather than train alone because you get taught and supervised and there are people who you can train with, which makes it fun, and also I can meet new people. If the school or club is no good then I have to do what Freddie did, which was establish my own club and call it "Martial artist united", because I'm sick of not training combatively and artistically. All I have to do is wait for around 7 or 8 months. Then I'll be free.

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  1. You will come back to training in the combative again naturally in time, be patient. As long as you continue on with your exercises and conditioning, the combative training will come back, you will see. Your body will naturally want to move in a certain non restrictive way that weights and calisthenics cannot fulfill. Punching and kicking is naturally a physical expression that your body will wish to express, don't separate the fitness from the combatives, they come together and become one. Exercising is a part of the combat training, so is dancing, they come together as one.


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