Saturday, June 28, 2014

Working hard to better yourself.

I've been working on myself for a long time but i still have a lot of work on the table as the journey of learning is a never ending one until we passes away and then again. And i think it's cool that i still have a bunch of place for improvement. Wouldn't it be boring if learning everything was something that could be done in a week? Leaning and putting efforts into bettering ourselves and helping others into their own progress is a beautiful thing in my opinion. I'm sure that if everybody was striving towards bettering themselves, this world would be a wonderful place to live in instead of a world where wonders are exclusives for just a selected few.


  1. Love the post, thank you for sharing! It's great seeing you on here.

  2. Turning the TV off is important. Few know the important of self development because they understood that watching TV is not the way to understand themselves. Instead they do not watch much TV, if at all. They focus their energy on what they really want.


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