Sunday, June 8, 2014

Staying in touch with The FMK Blog

The purpose of this post is tell all of you that naturally I dont have a computer at home. So to stay in touch with FMK I use my PS3, now the ps3's internet compared to a regular laptop or computer sucks. It doesn't have the features a computer can do. So I wanted to test it out by seeing if I still be able to blog & it seems like I can! So recently I been blogging from my computer at school to stay in touch with FMKs blog. Im glad im able to still be in contact with this blog at home. School is going to be ending soon & that means i'll be out of a computer. But it doesn't matter now, I have my PS3 I can use for this summer, which is great. The only thing I cant do is leave comments under other bloggers post's but thats about it. Other that im staying in touch with this blog.

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  1. That is great that you are able to keep connected with this blog with your PS3! I guess having no internet at home means you can have more time for training!


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