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This blog that I'm going to write about has no title, because it's about meditation. When you are in meditation there's only silence, which sort of explains why I do not have a title for this blog. Presence of silence indicates no labels, titles, names etc

A quote from spirit science which is "I think, therefore I am not. Only when the mind is silent, I am", implies that when we meditate we become silent, and when we are silent we are in peace which we become our true self. The authentic you, not the ego which is what you think you are.

Also another quote by Ralph Smart is "stress is what you think you are, relaxation is what you are", this also implies meditation, as meditation is relaxation.

When the mind is not silent there is an ego. When there is an ego there is stress. When there is stress there is only conflict and disharmony. The result of not having a silent mind is no meditation, and if there is no meditation there is relaxation and therefore no peace and harmony.

If you had to describe who you are, you are only going to provide what you think you are. Like Ralph said in one of his video which I posted on this blog, which he says "if you have to write down what you are, you are going to write what you do". For example like say a student, you are not a student, you didn't came up with that name or label, the society did. You may do what a student do, but what it doesn't mean you are a student. And another thing that Ralph said was "If I had to write down what my true self is then the paper will be blank". The blank paper to me refers to the silence of the mind. This is what we are as an individual. And if you watch spirit science on meditation he talks about how when you are in meditation you can connect with your inner (real) self, well in fact be your real self as the mind is silent.

Now let me talk about our names. We were not born with a name, we were given a name to label ourselves as an individual. This doesn't identify our true self, it only identify the ego. That's the same thing with race labels or any other labels that are used everyday. The society forces us to use these labels, which is leading us away from the "way" (or not being our true self). What annoys me the most is when people say that race is what defines us. If you considered "us" as the ego then it is true. But I'm looking beyond this, so the "us" is not the ego it is the our true self. The problem with these labels is that it breeds racism, and there is segregations. My outlook is that there is no race, because we are one in unity, which this may imply integration, and that we all are the oneness of the universe. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be labels, but all I'm saying is that labels does not define our true self. Labels can be used to make communication simple I guess?

There is nothing that no one can describe to you as your true self, because their opinion is limited and if you believe them then you become what you been described, but not truthfully. The truth of identifying yourself has to come from within. Truth cannot not be told and organize, it can only be realize. You have to seek and realize that truth yourself as Bruce Lee would say: "Independent inquiry is needed in your search for truth, not dependence on anyone else's view or a mere book."

So all I'm providing is just my limited information on what I know what the authentic self is, all you have to do is seek the truth of being your authentic self and that starts off by meditation which is having a silent mind. Let intuition guide you.

It's kind a funny that I'm trying to express something in words that cannot be expressed, because words is the absence of silence. But I just wanted to express my thoughts on this and hopefully this serves as a guide to truth as again Bruce Lee would say : “A teacher is never a giver of truth – he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself. A good teacher is merely a catalyst.”

 Maybe words can be express only as a guide?

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  1. Love the post, I don't know if we have some special connection going on but today at 9:30am-10:30am it was the first meditation class that I had offered fort he public to attend and we were speaking exactly about what you had written. It was a great time & I look forward to building a group of interested people in learning more about meditation.


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