Friday, June 13, 2014

My Journey is Continuous

Hello everyone

I have been training in martial arts for the past five years and it is perhaps my greatest passion in life. Throughout my life I had always thought that the practice of martial art was something I wanted to do. However, it was after watching this performance on Australia's got talent in 2009, that I felt practicing Martial Arts was a necessity. This performance was a jump start to what has turned out to be a life journey. A journey that has recently become more personal as I have recently realised (with the direction of Freddie Lee) that I must embark on my own journey in the Martial Arts. To learn how to express myself honestly and make my own expression of Martial Art unique to myself.

Now that I look back at this video, the genesis/origin of my journey, my opinion is somewhat mixed. I respect the fact that the performance is a peaceful demonstration of talent, however what these practitioners do is very unrealistic. But should all of our opinions  be based on what works and what doesn't?. My opinion is not set in concrete because it is still developing. I have only just begun to walk the path of enlightenment. I suppose my current opinion is all in favour for peaceful and enjoyable demonstrations such as this one, where years of training can lead to obtaining abilities that most people don't have. And then using the skills without hurting anyone to bring out positive emotional reactions from people. At least it is not combat sport were people hurt each other for pride, fame, points and trophies. As long as the performers are not simply trained as circus animals solely it entertain, but to also be well aware and to actively practice the true way of the Martial Arts. To be conscious of the Tao.

Here is the performance:

What do you guys think of this performance and what I have had to say?

PS: I realised just now that I have grown while writing this blog. I think this blog is a written expression of personal growth for me, as my opinion was somewhat mixed, but now I feel I see things more clearly because in writing this blog, I had to look within my self for the answers!.
This blog gives me a reason to write, and seems to be helping me on my journey towards enlightenment.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I agree with what you said as I would of said the same thing as well. I can relate to this blog.

    1. Happy to share this stuff with others:)

  2. At this point in my life, I feel that Martial Artists are not here to perform, they are here to express and what they express many times is something that is not designed to impress and receive standing ovations. Break dancers mainly are there for exciting the crowds. Martial Artists to me are in the background and not really that "impressive." A Martial Artist is like a Police Officer, when you see a Police Officer, you are not there waiting for him to entertain you, but when there is great danger, it is his duty to respond and within that moment of great danger, you cannot help but be in the moment and completely have your attention focused on what is going on at that dangerous moment, at that moment your heart is pounding and you are in meditation, watching the Officer respond to the dangerous encounter. But when there is no danger, you notice the Police Officer because he stands out from the average person with all his equipment, tools, weapons, and uniform; but you are not entertained because he is not there to entertain, he is there to serve and protect the community from great harm. He has a functional purpose, he is not an actor, he is not an entertainer, he is a protector during situations of great danger.

    A Martial Artist can be very gifted in what he does but he does not aim to impress, he simply trains and during his normal training, bystanders may be entertained because they happen to be witnessing something that is beyond the average person. A Martial Artist may be at the gym benching 400 lbs when he himself is only weighing 200 lbs, people in the gym cannot help but just watch this Martial Artist bench 400 lbs. They may not clap and make it obvious they are watching, but they are watching and they notice. They cannot help but see someone benching 400 lbs because that is something that you do not see too often. A Martial Artist may be stretching and he may be able to do the splits with ease, people from the outside will typically watch and observe and see that and acknowledge within that is a great feat knowing that not many people are capable of doing such a physical feat, but they will not really make their recognition obvious.

    A Martial Artist is not a performer but yet he is not just the average person either. His talents are more hidden and not obvious. People have to pay closer attention to realize the great talents of a Martial Artist. A Martial Artist is someone like a Bruce Lee who when wearing baggy clothes looks like a very weak and frail pushover but then come to find out when he takes off his shirt and you see him exercising and training you realize that you have greatly underestimated his abilities.

    A Martial Artist is not here to perform, he is there to express, and his expression is not guaranteed to be absolutely entertaining. He is not there to entertain, he is there to be honest and true to his inner spirit.

    1. Thank you for commenting Mr. Lee. You certainly help to put things into perspective. You are far more wise, experienced and enlightened then I am. I sometimes have difficulty articulating the martial arts into words and writing. I think this is because I don't fully understand yet. However you seem to be able to did this by nature. We are both at different stages of enlightenment and I am glad to be learning from you. You have so much to give. The more I learn from you, I will incorporate into my own personal ethos.
      Although some people may be entertained by what a Martial Artist can do, entertainment is not the point of Martial Art. The point of Martial Art is strictly to express ones inner spirit.

      With each blog and comment I grow. Thank You.

    2. Thank you for your great post, your post has inspired me to express the wisdom I have within. Without that spark, it's hard to get started, a teacher can't teach without the student, the student really helps the teacher become a better teacher. When you express yourself, you are teaching others and others will learn from you, then you become a teacher. It's like I am a candle, I light you up and then you light someone else up, and the world becomes brighter, its a beautiful thing.

      I do not believe there is such a thing as being more enlightened, you are either awake or you are not, but we do have age and life experiences that vary and the only difference really is that I may have more experience, but experience just comes with more time, and I am better than no one just because I have lived longer, that is another way for the ego to assert itself.

      I am just very thankful that we have gathered together to share our ideas and experiences in life, I think this is a beautiful thing.

      Sometimes we can step into the role of being an entertainer. You can be a Martial Artist in heart but then you step into the role of being an entertainer for profit. Bruce Lee becomes an actor. Jackie Chan becomes a comedian. Some people become fighters. But the problem is, when you become an entertainer, you should not label that as Martial Arts anymore, you then become a performer, and you should label it as such. The people in the video for example should more so label themselves as performers opposed to trying to represent themselves as Martial Artists. As it is very obvious that they are full of ego ambition to impress those around them, anytime the ego is present, that is not Martial Art, that is something else. A Martial Artist, can only be a Martial Artist in Meditation, in meditation is when you are absolutely real in your expression, and like Bruce said, that is not an easy thing to do.

      Martial Arts simply cannot exist when competition is present. No matter if you are competing with others or with yourself, that is not Martial Art. Martial Art is a completely real and natural expression from within, it is a presence.

  3. I take the worst in my life as motivation to become a better martial artists. Ive never used my training to hurt anyone only self-defense or protection of others if need be. Most people have know idea i take martial arts, because its strictly for self improvement. I dont think i completely understand the spiritual part of it but im trying to :) and thanks for sharing this blog

    1. Training in private towards bettering yourself as a human being, that is a great thing. This is the way of the Martial Arts but as a school owner, the drawback is that if all your students don't ever let anyone know that they train in the Martial Arts, then the school will have a very difficult time growing and expanding. It is a difficult dilemma, the way is not to announce but yet if you don't announce the opportunity to learn can end because if the school doors shut, you will have no place to learn.

      You stated that you never used your training to hurt others but to only protect yourself or others from harm, that is exactly the only justification you can have in the court of law to legally use your firearm against another human being and that is why I promote firearms in the realm of Martial Arts, promoting firearms to be wielded by Martial Artists encourages responsibility with the use of force.

  4. Thanks for your comment you made some good points not trying to be a kiss a** lol, but you have inspired me lately to make my own videos for feedback and learning purposes. Ive learned a lot from yours and its has helped me grow and become more knowledgeable. So thanks for sharing your videos and god bless.


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