Saturday, June 21, 2014

Being Not Acting

I can't remember who said this, but I do give credit to this person. So I want to share this quote:

"There shouldn't be an oscar for acting, there should be an oscar for being."

We shouldn't pretend to act like something that we are not, we should just be authentic about ourselves.
Be yourself and express yourself honestly, as what Bruce Lee would say. Not many people can do that because of fear. And what is fear? well my martial arts instructor would say: "false evidence appearing real." Let that fear go, because fear is what is holding (anchoring) you down, and so you don't fly and become free. I said this before but I'll say it again"

"It's what you can let go off will determine how high you can fly." by Ralph Smart

Freddie Lee deserve an oscar for "being" on youtube, as he is real with his expression and thoughts, even though there are people who hated him for that. But I think he is doing what feels right, and he is the MAN cause he has no fear of death, well to him it doesn't exist. He is flying so high that he cannot get back down. lol

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  1. Love the post. When you truly live your life fully, fear of death disappears, you actually welcome it, even though the people around you don't! You wonder why I put so much material out there, because I'm prepared to die, I don't expect that I will live tomorrow. The YouTube shut down was like a glimpse of my death online.

    FMK is on YouTube, alive and thriving, but then suddenly it can disappear and all videos are gone. But even though FMK disappears, the teachings still exist within the people who have understood. With that understanding, they then transform those teachings and express it in their own unique ways, just as you all are doing by participating with this blog.

    Bruce is gone but the understanding that I have received from his teachings ends up being expressed through my own creativity, with this expression, Bruce lives through me.

    In the past, YouTube, the Internet, cameras, tv's, and camcorders did not exist. Martial Arts and the Tao was transmitted directly from teacher to disciple. And it was shared without documentation but through an understanding. Those who have achieved an understanding then share that understanding to those around them.

    There's nothing more I want out of this life, I'm ready to leave. But I feel like Buddha, he had a decision to make, to either keep the truth within himself or to express it to those around him to attempt to help them gain an understanding of the truth that he discovered within. He decided to express, and he did so for over 40 years.

    I plan to do so for over 60 years in this modern day with modern technology. In this modern day with modern technology this can drastically change the way the dharma is transmitted. No longer are you dependent on fables and stories of imagination. Like: "Jesus healed the blind or Jesus was walking on water."

    Well with video you can see before your eyes what Sifu Freddie Lee was capable of doing with his Body, Mind, and Spirit and what he was not. It is a real expression free from any acting or performance enhancing drugs etc. What is interesting to me, is what is the real human potential of natural development through pure hard work without having science manipulating the body with the use of performance enhancing drugs such as steroids.

    What types of true Art can be developed without being dependent on drugs such as weed or whatever to achieve a no-mindedness while creating Art. Rather than following a false fantasy figure such as Jesus, I am interested in following a true man of Gung Fu such as Bruce Lee of whom you can actually see and relatively gauge his level of development body, mind, and spirit.

    At first I am following but then eventually I will reach a point where I will no longer need to follow but now I am leading myself. He is running ahead of me for 32 years and then eventually one day I will end up being ahead of him and leading my own way.

    The Bible may say never to follow man because he is imperfect. I say, there is no such thing as perfection and that you would rather follow a man who is close to perfection than an idea of perfection that doesn't even exist. Once you follow this man that is close to perfection, you may eventually get to the point where you will go beyond this man, when you go beyond this man, then you will establish your own standards of the true Way.


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