Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"McDojo", Dojo's Reputation Destroyed

Felt outrageous after watching one of Freddie's video on Mcblowjo. I'm not raging on Freddie or the video he made, I'm raging on the label Mcdojo! I never heard of it until I watched Freddie's video. I don't know who came up with Mcdojo? Was it the practitioners of blow job gentle technique (or BBJ- blowjob jujitsu)? or the karate practitioners? Whoever came up with it is silly. Dojo means "the place of the way", as 'do' means "the way". It is not a place where you sell black belts, to promote the ego. It is not like the McDonald of the martial arts. It is "the place of the way", the place for spiritual development or growth, to reach enlightenment. Seriously the if you going to put Mc next to a word that is meaningful, don't put it on "dojo", put it on something else. In fact put it on something that has less meaning. I can't really think of one, but just try to understand what I'm saying. The label Mc is very....negative? I can't think of a word.

No offense to the people with the name Mc, I'm not raging at you just because you have that name, but it's the label, or word. If your name is Mc whatever then I respect you as a person, how I respect everyone else. I'm also raging on the people who put Mc in front of Dojo.

There is corruption in the word Mc, as in my eyes it means selling out, and making money of it. And putting Mc next to dojo just destroy the reputation of the dojo and what it is meant to represent. If you think about McDonald, it's there to destroy your health and make money of it. Mcdojo is there to destroy the spirit of the martial arts and make money of it, like the McDonald. Putting the Mc in front of dojo, make it seem like it is McDonald but in terms of martial arts. I like the label Freddie came up with which is McBlowJo. It's perfect!

My interpretation of McBlowJo is this. Mc to me means selling out, and making money. Blow- which is obvious blowing someone. And Jo the Japanese word for place. Substitute McBlowJo gives "The place for selling out Blowing techniques and making money of it."

Use the the label Mcblowjo, not Mcdojo!

I'm glad they didn't corrupt the kwoon or the tao label.

I already came to a realization that labels don't mean anything so it's better if there is no labels. Labels are just there to make communications I guess? Labels doesn't define anything realistically. But this is the world or society we live in, where we are forced to use them. But we do get the freedom to create our own labels which is a good thing.

I know this is inappropriate to this blog, but if you want me to remove it I will.

I should just let things go, and ignore it, as I just talked about letting things go in my other post. But I just wanted to express my thoughts anyway, as I feel that it is right.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. All labels can and will be corrupted once mass society gets a hold of these labels. Maybe that is why the Tao remains hidden and is still unknown in mass media. Most of the expression of the Martial Arts out of Japan is heavily corrupted because it is within mass media. A lot of the Martial Arts that come out of China are harder to find in America and mass media, not as corrupted but as you see with "Wing Chun" they are doing the best they can to corrupt that expression as well coming out with all these silly movies under the name of someone "Yip Man" who was heavily against teaching the Americans Chinese Martial Arts. When we put too much meaning on a label automatically we become enslaved by that label.


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