Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Physique, Strength, And Flexibility Progress

This was me the first few months I started  working out.

Then that was me few months later. (I would like to thank my friend for being a good photographer, taking 6 of those photos above)

This is me now, which is like a year later. (I would like to thank my other friend in the photo with me for taking that photo of myself holding the side kick)

In the past when I trained I eat more healthy than I am eating right now, you can sort a tell by my body as I show those photos. Now I am just eating junk food, which is not really good for my physique. The only good thing about eating junk food is that since it has a lot of calories, it provides you more energy therefore strength to work hard. So I guess it increase strength. I don't promote you guys to eat junk food, and their are other alternatives that is healthy and contain a lot of calories, like brown rice mixed with coconut oil. (I don't take that but I heard about it)

I did notice a change in my strength, which I am stronger. I can bench like 220b two times, decline and flat which is my max I guess (I was testing it after my workout, so I was pretty tired)(I don't have a video to demonstrate this sorry) . I can do muscle ups (well improper technique), which in the past I couldn't do any. Now I'm working on fingertips strength, so I can master the two finger push up like Freddie Lee and Bruce Lee that I know of. And I'm also working on getting that proper muscle up techniques.

Here's a link for my muscle ups:

Also my flexibility has improved as well. I'm still stretching and working on it, improving every almost everyday.

Here's a link for my flexibility:

(those videos are made like a few weeks, before I took the two recent photos)

When I post another of my physique, strength and flexibility progress I'll show y'all the result of eating healthy. And I think that is hindering me to reach my full potential.


  1. Impressive bench 220lbs, i havent benched in a while im guessing mines around 160lb

  2. how much do you weight beacause you look like a skinny person that could lift something big very impressive

    1. 147b to 150b, Im always gaining or losing weight everyday lol

    2. So my weight keep fluctuating within that range

  3. that good dude when you gain weight is it harder for you to exercise

  4. Your doing a good job. The muscle ups you are doing a lot of people can't even do that. Your front splits are good, the middle split is getting pretty close, your side kick hold is pretty high, just need to work on better balance control which I am sure you have been working on since the video. Maxing out at 220 lbs is pretty good as well for someone your size.

    The good thing about your physique is that an outsider can tell that it is a natural growth. You look like a regualr guy but yet your pretty strong and flexible. I don't respect the people that are on a bunch of performance enhancing drugs and supplements and then they pretend like it is natural, like Lance Armstrong. I don't even admire the people who are on that stuff and admit it b/c I know it is an unnatural growth, to me it is not real athletic Kung Fu. I am most interested in seeing real Kung Fu free from performance enhancing drugs and supplements, of which I believe Bruce Lee was demonstrating, myself, my father, and those within FMK. Keep up the good work!


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