Monday, June 16, 2014


We are already rich. Our wealth of blissfulness is in a bank account of it's own. It is through life experiences we receive the pin to access it.  

You cannot be taught the Tao, but only guided to the Tao.

These phrases of mine are only a watered down version of what I'm expressing through words. Only through silence and peace of mind is when you can feel them.


  1. Great post, short and sweet, thank you for sharing and being a part of this blog!

  2. Replies
    1. Positive people need it too, because leaning towards one extreme is no good. We need balance.

    2. you are right just havent put it out there still training and still leaning

    3. Every artist is still learning and training in the journey of life. That's why when I see martial art instructors who give them self the title master it is a turn off for me, because we should strive to master ourselves. It is like Lao Tzu said;

      "Those who master others are strong, but those who master themselves are mighty."

      Hope you've got something out of that my friend.


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