Saturday, June 21, 2014


I've been watching the channel (enterthedojoshow) for awhile. I know it can be silly but it has some funny parts. Go check it out and tell me what you think


  1. I watched that too, did you see the link i posted earlier? lol

  2. I read it i gave you a google +1


    I saw a few of the guys videos and I have a problem with what he is doing. Yes I don't agree to the styles and the things he said about MMA were kind of funny. But he is getting famous and making money from mocking the Martial Arts & disrespecting the Martial Arts, he is not intelligently criticizing the Martial Arts to encourage growth and improvement such as the way Bruce was doing but he is just talking shit to talk shit. It's no different than a comedian on stage that has no training in the Martial Arts just talking shit about the Martial Arts just to talk shit. A white man talking shit about the culture of another race, can very much be percieved as racist. If a black man wants to talk shit about his own people that is acceptable because he is black himself. But when you start disrespecting other races and cultures of which are not of your own, it can very much be crossing the line.

    The white man talking shit about the way the Chinese man speaks or looks. The white man talking shit about the way the hispanic man speaks or looks. The white man talking shit about the common names of Asians and Hispanics. The white man talking shit about the hip hop culture. The white man talking shit about the Asian culture, etc. These are all signs of racism.

    If you are criticizing to encourage greater spiritual growth that is one thing but if you are just talking shit to gain fame and attention off of somebody else's expense, I don't agree to that.

    A lot of the shit he was saying was completely flawed as well. So what is he encouraging people to do, stop practicing Martial Art styles and become a low life shit talking racist who ain't shit himself? Basically to be a comedian talking shit about another races culture and expression. How is he going to truly understand another cultures artistic expression when he doesn't even come from that culture?

    I myself criticize many styles of Martial Arts openly but it is not geared towards making people laugh and I am criticizing the Eastern expression, of which is in my blood. I am criticizing to encourage a spiritual growth. This person is just talking shit to make money from putting down the people of the East to make it seem as if he is above them when in actuality he ain't shit himself, he may even be doing worse than an MMA Fighter in destroying the reputation of the Martial Arts.

    You either have a white man beat down a bunch of Asians in a cage and claim he is superior or you have a white man talk a bunch of shit to humiliate the Asians to make a bunch of money. In both cases, this white man is a fucking bully. You wonder why Yip Man wouldn't want to teach any Americans at all. Too much ego and pride, they are born to think they are superior. This goes against the Way of the Martial Arts.

    When it comes to most American sports, it is dominated by blacks. Such as Football, Basketball, and Boxing. The cocky white man cannot bully the Black man in these sports, so the cocky white man decides to bully the Asian. Talk a bunch of shit and brag about how he is so much bigger and stronger. It's a bunch of racist ass bullshit. How the fuck is this white dude going to make a channel dedicated to talking shit about the entire Asian culture of Martial Arts?



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