Monday, June 9, 2014

Letting Things Go

I would like to share something that I was taught by my instructor(martial arts) before I left the dojo, and embarked on my journey where I have to train a lone. Basically I have to walk my own path. Most of you all, may or may not know about the idea of letting things go. My thoughts on letting things go is the same as Buddha's thoughts on detachment.

My instructor taught me the idea of letting things go. Whenever something terrible happens and makes you feel angry or depress, like you get dumped, or your in a conflict, arguing and fighting with someone, or you get embarrassed by someone, or something that you value gets destroyed, then just let it go, be detach by it. The more you think about those feelings the more it grows and more intense it becomes. It's like being or feeling itchy, the more you think about it the worst it gets, so just let it go. Whenever you think about something initially, those thoughts or feelings sticks or glues to your mind. Like when you get hit during sparring, as soon as you think about the feeling of pain then that feeling sticks to you like glue, so you feel pain and if you still think about it then the pain will still be present until you ignore it, which is letting it go. Also it's the same thing as when someone verbally attacks you, making you feel depress and unhappy, so what do you do? Just let it go and move on with your life. Because whatever you focus on grows like I said earlier. That's why I only like to think about the positives, because that will help me grow positively to my full potential. A quote that I would like to share is by Ralph Smart.

"Whatever you can let go off will determine how high you can fly"

Basically letting go off the things that is hinderance to you, or that things that stops you from growing or being free, then that will make you reach your full potential and become free.

How do you let things go?, well practice mediation it will manifest it.

However I do understand the idea about responding and not letting go like for example fighting back when things around you attack you. So when someone comes at you verbally then you come right back at them verbally, and if they want to get physical then get physical. You can't let them put you down, and make your life miserable and unbalanced. But as soon as you respond with an action and it's over then just let things go and ignore it like it never happened. I do see both sides, but it's hard to decide which one to go with. The one to go with is within you, use your intuition and trust it. Whatever feels right flow with it, like the river current which often leads to the right path.

Also I would like to say that if you see any misspell words then just ignore, or if anything does not make sense the way that I structured it or word. I'm not very proficient in English as some may say that it's my second language. I don't normally check or proof read and edit my post, because I don't have time to do it as I have a very busy life. Because right now I'm suppose to be studying, but I'm just procrastinating as I keep going on this blog reading and posting, but that's all I have to say about that which I should of said in my first post.


  1. Great teaching. It is really good that your teacher integrated that teaching into the training for the day. I wish my wife Jenny would be able to let things go and not let things cling to her mind so much, it is very challenging being in a relationship with someone that cannot seem to let things go. I've learned how to do this about 10 years ago and have trained myself to get better and better at it through the years. It is about being in the present moment at all times, it is meditation, the key to inner peace. Great post, don't worry about any grammatical errors, I'm the same as you, I focus more on the message rather than the grammar, but I know there are those who focus more on the grammar rather than the message and that is where they go wrong.

    1. Thanks for your response, I know how you feel about Jenny.

  2. I can relate to you and your blog. Let me just say that I think it was very well written, structured and I didn't pick up on many spelling errors. Well Done!!.
    I to struggle with English, and it's my ONLY language. I my life is also busy and I keep coming back to read and post on this blog!. If I had more time my blogs and comments might be slightly better in quality to my personal standards for my self. Again Great blog. I learnt from it.

  3. I will definitely think about your post. Haha. Reason is because it makes me feel good. For example, there was something I was never able to let go: the fact that I failed the class. Every time I think about it, it makes me feel like I am a failure for my family, and myself. Not thinking about it definitely helps. I feel like meditation is pretty much the best cure to human sickness. Nothing can replace. I am glad that you have reminded me how important meditation is.


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