Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No One Gives A Fuck About Martial Arts In New Zealand

What I know is that no one here in New Zealand gives a fuck about martial arts. Because NZ is influenced by America, what America thinks about martial arts, NZ will think the same. It's a sad thing.
I'm like pissed off like the way Freddie is pissed off about no one in America giving a fuck about martial arts. Hopefully I can show and educate NZ what real martial arts is, like how Bruce Lee and Freddie Lee is showing America what real martial arts is. So I'm like parallel to Bruce and Freddie. As for me Prior to showing and educating about the real martial arts, I must first reach the highest level, this would mean that I have to be physically, mentally (intellectually) and spiritually at the highest level.

I get people around me who thinks that martial arts is about violence and competition. They love to see that shit, and I think that they must be mentally ill. They need to learn from the east, books, movies or even Freddie and his youtube channel, or just people who actually knows what real martial arts is, so they should be reading this blog site. If the people here in NZ don't want to know what real martial arts is and wants to act like they all know what real martial arts is, which they considered to be combat sports or cage fighting, then I would suggest they go back to rugby which is popular here, or net or soccer (football). They don't belong in the martial arts, they belong in sports. Martial arts is not all about combative techniques or fighting. There is the spirit which is very important, and the people don't want to  understand it, as some may say that the teachings are against their religion and all that other crap. Or they just don't FUCKEN get it, no matter how hard I try, it don't click in for them, It's like teaching a kid philosophy. I think they watch too much TV. I can understand that they don't know, is because there is no one famous in NZ who is a real martial artist like Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa or Jet Li. Maybe I might have to get famous myself in NZ and represent the real martial arts like how these greatest artist does showing  and educating the real shit.

There may be some people who do care about the martial arts, but those people are hidden and they don't want to make any impact so they remain silence because of whatever the consequences are. But as for me I don't give a shit about the consequences, if people started to hate me and they want to eliminate me because I'm expressing the real like Buddha, Socrate, Osho, Tupac, Freddie etc then I won't stop and I will just continue (I bet the people that I know directly or NZ as a whole will be pissed off what I have to say). That's why I join this blog because I care about the martial arts (it is my passion) and so I can share my thoughts of views on what real martial arts is, and that is what this blog is for; for real marital artist expressing the real. Hopefully we as the authors of this blog, we can make an impact to this world and restore the martial arts, which had been damaged. I've given up on those people who just don't get it, I'm keeping it to myself and that is also why I'm on this blog, so I can share my thoughts to the people who listens and is opened to learn that are on the internet instead of sharing it to the people who are ignorant, and don't listen, and they are the people I encountered directly. So I'm keeping it to myself as an individual to the people here, but I'm sharing via this blog, and if the people I know directly do what to learn then they should just go on this blog and read all the things that are written by these amazing individuals.

I don't know if this makes sense to you guys, but I may went off the topic because I'm raging and pissed off. It sucks to be the only one in this country who really cares about the martial arts.


  1. it good to having somepeople in the world that actuly knows martial arts

  2. i just saw a bas rutten work out ad it stupid as fuck the only thing they did was punch and kick and saying that you can lose weight when he like 300 pound wtf fat shit mma people really starting to pisses me of but that egg head mass rutten fuck him!

  3. This blog can bring together people from all over the world to express some positivity in the Martial Arts that sets a standard above combat sport and cage fighting. Bruce Lee has made movies and wrote books. Jet Li and Tony Jaa have made movies, but it is not enough. We need more material out there to guide people towards a healthier way. We cannot allow McDonalds and McBlowJo's to take over this entire world. I will dedicate my life to expressing the Way of the Martial Arts according to my understanding. Through time, little by little, I see that we can make a positive impact, it just requires patience and understanding.


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