Monday, June 16, 2014


In my training i never use gloves on any equipment like the heavy bag, bob dummy, and iron palm bag. Ive never been injured or serious pain. I noticed my knuckles look fine, but when i get my hands warm from washing my hands or when its cold out. My knuckles look bruised like i hit something really hard. Im curious if anyone else has a similar problem as me.


  1. When they do change color theres no pain or tingling my hands feel fine

  2. I don't have that problem. But I used to have a skin problem called dermatitis that would flair up really bad in winter. I got the condition from my genetics. But ever since I used this special lotion from Eucerin, I never had any problems any more. Do some more research online about your problem, ask a doctor, or just ease up a little bit on the hard knuckle training to give it some time to heal. It's good to use palm strikes too. Right now my palm is injured and I have to give it time to heal.

  3. Ive cut out some training lately been drinking extra milk and drinking pomegranate juice which i herd helps with inflammation ill try some of that lotion to.

  4. I haven't had issues with my knuckles being bruised, but after working the bag for a bit I would start getting cuts in my skin where my knuckles are. It got frustrating so I started using hand wraps + gloves. That's just me, though.

  5. Ive busted my knuckles a lot over the last two years especially from the bob dummy that thing will just rip the skin off your kunckles. Which sucks because waiting for it to heal and not being able to train because of it. Recently i decide to use gloves only for bob.

    1. Im thinking thats why my knuckles may look like that, because of the excess training i remember one time i was using gloves i punched the heavy bag so long when i was done training my gloves had blood all in them.


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