Saturday, June 28, 2014

Replacing Humans With Computers

Osho said: "In other words you need computers, not people.  If this is your educational system, then sooner or later you are going to replace human beings with computers" --and that's what they are doing.  Everywhere they are replacing important positions with computers, because computers are more reliable; they are just memory, no intelligence."

Martial Art styles have used people as computers to pass on their system.  I refuse to use people as computers, I would rather teach students to be themselves and express themselves in which to become Artists themselves.  Rather than use people as computers, I will use a camcorder to record my movements and teachings directly and share these recordings with those whom are interested in learning.  I do not need to turn people into computers, that is not right for anyone to do to another human being.  I will use technology to pass on information and allow humans to truly be humans, in which is to be creative and self-expressive.


  1. Nice post! Machines and technology is evolving very fast, but i can't really say that concerning humans. We're being more and more dependant on machines and tech. I know i'm part of this when i buy tech stuff, i will keep on progressing to better myself so i can help others around me.

  2. I definitely need to read his book, good post.


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