Sunday, June 29, 2014

Osho on Power

"The rebel: each individual living in a revolutionary way, on his own, having no power over others, because power certainly corrupts." - Osho

A Real Martial Artist does not strive to have power.  Power is the ego, power is politics.  A Martial Artist is not a politician.  A Martial Artist leads by example, he is not here to control or be controlled. A Martial Artist has no desire to be in positions of power.  He is focused on developing himself to his highest potential.  Others can follow, but they are not forced to follow.  No matter if he has followers or not, the Martial Artist heads towards the Way.


  1. I think real martil arts should not have

    1. I see that in modern society it is impossible for any human to have no ego. The Martial Artist should be a master over his ego not a servant. There is a saying that the Ego is a beautiful servant but a dangerous Master. Saying that a Martial Artist has no ego is like saying this person has no name, but who do you know, in this world that has no name? A name and social security number is forced upon us at birth, there is no way around it. Though this deep realization that we are not this Ego is the key towards enlightenment.

    2. I never seen a master with no name


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