Monday, June 16, 2014

Blocking and taking Hits

A friend at work was asking me how to block, so i showed him a couple moves. I also told him its impossible to block every strike you have to learn how to cover and take hits. Timing and patience is crucial. When you block don't just block,counter at the same time. I asked why he wanted to know. He replied, he was worried about getting in a fight. I then said, just remember what i told you. If you get in a fight never turn your back on him, and don't be afraid to get hit, be patient and follow up on the techniques i showed you.

           What do you guys think did i do the wrong thing, and was it good or bad advice?



  1. that happen to me in my sparing i was so scare that i turn my back against him he started punching my face with no control but now i try to overcome that i think for tall people that fight they have the nervous sytem in their back that you are a afraid of punching and blocking

  2. i think some people have slow reactions

  3. Telling him what to do is not good enough, he needs to practice and repeat, without repetition, there is no hope. It's like a person who thinks he's going to be good at shooting 3 pointers by just listening and watching, he needs to get up and do it, but not just do with once, but thousands of times in order to get better.

  4. I don't believe in taking hits, we cannot afford to be hit with a bat, stabbed with a knife, or shot with a gun. A well timed punch or kick can knock someone out easily or at the very least set up very devastating blows to finish someone off. This is a street fight, not a game of competition. In a street fight, I don't believe in taking hits. You need to be so proficient in what you do, that you hit him before he hits you, and when you hit him, you have to put yourself in a position to end the fight ASAP.

    As far as turning your back is concerned, he might have to turn his back and run. If there is a man who is much larger and bigger than you that is wielding a knife or gun and you have no weapons, it may be best to turn and run and hope that you have better cardio and speed than the opponent in order to get away from the danger safely.

    I don't believe in never, sometimes you might have to turn your back, sometimes you will have to fight unorthodox depending on the situation. Every situation is dynamic and you should never limit your ability to survive by saying never.

    1. sifu would there be a way to disarm the weapon


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