Saturday, June 21, 2014

Style Is Bullshit

Check these  videos out they are hilarious. Don't take them serious, just watch for fun:

All style is BS why? because they don't really exist, there's only martial arts and that's it. The style people refer to is just a label to name their (the founder) expression of the martial arts or their interpretation of kung fu. I don't know why there is segregation amongst followers of these martial arts so called styles. We need to express and creative our own. Of course we can learn other's interpretations for start off, but from there we have to walk our own path.


  1. Styles are essentially like franchised businesses. They are here to generate profits for businesses. People know that if they represent their own way, they will have a difficult time finding students, so they run to styles. Many people do not have the confidence or resources to start their own business, so they work for somebody else. Working for somebody else is like a style. You run to style for security and comfort. You run to style for acceptance. Rather than training for many years to become a Martial Artist, you join a gang for acceptance and protection. Joining a gang is like style. Rather than seek for truth through your own efforts, you run to an established religion and follow dogma. Style does not point towards truth, it is there for convenience. The way is not the combined expression of all styles, the way is the true expression of your inner spirit.

    1. True. The moment they say Mixed Martial Arts indicates that they live in a lie. How can you mixed styles when they do not even exist to begin with?

  2. Lol. Yeah the videos are hilarious though. I may not agree with everything he says such as the requirements of competition, belt systems and all but I had fun watching it.


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