Saturday, June 7, 2014

Street Fighter Assassin's Fist

I'm sure you all are familiar with Street Fighter video game, and this is a live action adaption of the game. Hollywood has tried couple of times to do it but all of their attempts sucked. This one is great. The show focuses on the main characters Ryu and Ken and their martial arts training. Basically the story is about martial arts, it's philosophy and how different people approach it in different ways. Although it is a low budget I've really enjoyed it. Check it out, and give me your feedback. You can watch all together, like a movie or like a series. It's free on youtube, here are the episodes... Enjoy!


  1. That's great, I was thinking about watching it, I probably will start watching it and provide feedback. Thank you!

    1. I watched for 15 min. and I couldn't take it anymore. I was repelled by it like alcohol in my system. I didn't feel any balance and harmony in the movie.

    2. Episodes 5-10 deal about the philosophy and martial arts, and you should have in mind it is a fantasy story so don't be too dismissive. It is rare to see a western production that deals with violent and peaceful aspects in the martial arts so I've found refreshing and it also brings back childhood memories. Give episode 5 a try, if it's not something you like, don't force yourself. Thanks for the feedback!

    3. A good martial arts film i like is called shaolin. The main characters are andy lau and nicholas tse

    4. Yeah I did really enjoy the "Shaolin" movie.


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