Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why Did I Give Up Alcohol?

Yesterday, I was asked why I do not drink alcohol: "Is it because you are trying to maintain your health, or the taste or is it because of religious purposes?" Definitely not for religious purposes but for health and taste...maybe. Then again, my friend mentioned that some alcoholic beverages taste like cherry. That already turned me off. Second, he told me that wine is good for you because it stimulates your brain cells. If anyone wants to drink wine, it is fine. I have no problem with you doing what you feel. But here is a problem: there has been many sayings that alcohol is not good for you. Wine has alcohol in it and people drink. Why is that all of a sudden it is good for your brain? Because doctors say so? Really? See, people tend to trust experts so much to the point that whatever doctors prescribe them, they take. I have a better alternative than wine: how about meditation? Why do people refuse to meditate so much? There has been evidence that meditation is good for the brain too. In fact meditation improves memory, intelligence.. Anything you can imagine, meditation is the cure. Meditation is being in the now. Being in the now leads to awareness. If you are aware of your own body, you should know how it feels when you eat certain food or drink certain drinks. If you are aware that wine actually makes your body feels good, it is fine. But the rest of the population, please just consider meditating because just by saying doctors recommend wine proves to me that you have not taken the time to examine yourself. Didn't the doctors recommend cigarettes too? What are you just going to wait until the doctor finds out that wine is not good for you to stop drinking it or you are going to stop drinking it when you feel it is the time to stop? Do not give me the Jesus excuse either because you know what me and Jesus see differently. He gave wine to his disciples saying that this wine is his Blood and it is supposed to give them life or whatever... I respect him and all but it does not mean I should go along with everything he says. I do not care who it is I am disagree with. If I do not want to do something, I just will not do it. I am not trying to make people stop drinking wine but I do not want to take part of drinking alcohol ever again. Why? The reason is simple: I hate it.


  1. thats why you see gang people drinking beer together with there guns and you see how crazy they are

  2. Ive quit drinking for my health, even though i quit there is still always that pressure to which im trying to avoid but it can be difficult

    1. Oh yeah! there is still that pressure. People will harass you to drink.

  3. That's great, Kang. I gave up drinking a while ago, too. Meditation is awesome and it costs nothing except your time! Once I stopped drinking I noticed I had an automatic "raise" in my paycheck every month. Alcohol can be a huge waste of money!

    1) It tastes like shit
    2) It's not healthy for you
    3) It smells like shit
    4) It will make me throw up
    5) It costs a lot of money
    6) It is against the law to drink and drive
    7) It is against the law to drink and possess a gun, I wish to have my gun with me at all times.
    8) Guns are not allowed in bars
    9) I see how stupid people are when they drink and I don't ever want to look stupid
    10) People think they're fucking cool because they drink, that annoys the fuck out of me, I would never want to be that person who thinks they are cool because they drink. That's like bragging to people that you just took a dump or masturbated 15 times in one day, nobody gives a fuck about that, keep that information to yourself.
    11) As a Police Officer, I was the first one on scene to witness an 18 year old die in bed from alcohol poisoning. Here there is a kid who is attending a $250,000 per year school and he just dies from over consumption of alcohol, what a fucking waste.
    12) I would never want my children or wife to drink, and by me not drinking it sets a good example for them to follow.
    13) I've met so many alcoholics in life that have amounted to nothing because of alcohol.
    14) It is a drug, I am against drugs.
    15) It is against the law to drink in public, it gives more reason for the Police to fuck with you.
    16) Many people criticize me and label me as an evil person because I swear, I bet you these same motherfuckas drink a bunch of alcohol. Swearing is healthier than alcohol. You can die from over consumption of alcohol but you will never die from swearing too much.
    17) 2pac drank alcohol but I don't blindly follow people just because I admire them.
    18) I want to set a standard above the average, the average person drinks, I don't.
    19) It dehydrates your body and gives you a pot belly
    20) I hate being around people who drink
    21) I have the bars and I hate the clubs
    22) Fights start off a lot around alcohol, I hate fighting
    23) I can't stand people who will only dance when they drink, I think that is some fake ass shit, I would never wish to be a fake ass person who will only express himself when he has alcohol in him.
    24) I would never want to be dependent on alcohol to be myself, I aim to build myself to the point where I will always be able to be myself whenever I wish.

    I also made a video response about this topic speaking more about why I don't drink and never will.


    If you don't agree with me than FUCK YOU!

    Just kidding, I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone, just don't ever try to pressure me to drink and I won't pressure you to exercise with me. You do your thing and I'll do mine. You can go to the bars and I'll go to my Kwoon to train, we will leave it at that.

    1. it stupid why would you drink it in the first place right

    2. Lol. Same old Freddie Lee.

  5. I'm very repelled by it, the energy I sense is negative.
    Alcohol tastes,smells,feels,looks and sounds like shit. When ever I see the word or heard the word alcohol I think about shit. Because IT IS SHIT. I Just hated when you have people who gives you peer pressure to drink. I say FUCK THAT!


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