Saturday, June 14, 2014

Peaceful Expression In The Martial Arts -Dance

What do you guys think of this?

I think that it's a peaceful way of expressing the martial arts compare to the competition fightings. Dancing is better than fighting.

Real marital artist express themselves in a peaceful way, but it doesn't have to be just dancing or practicing forms. But that is just an example.


  1. That was prettying fucking dope. It's my kind of music and style. They added in elements from the Martial Arts, Breakdancing, and Hip Hop. They modernized the expression as well. I really enjoyed watching it. I really liked seeing the men, women, and children working together to express something of beauty. It is amazing some of the things they have trained their bodies to be capable of doing. Even some of the women were doing things that MANY men including myself am still not able to do! I recommend this as a very positive way of expressing something of beauty in the Martial Arts.

    Of course you will have the MMA Fighter who will watch this video, he will smile and say, "What does this have to do with fighting?" "I bet you they can't beat me in a fight." "High kicks don't work in a real fight." Blah blah blah, that is their insecurities speaking. They know they cannot do what they see in this video so their ego finds a way to downplay the talents of those in the video.

    Fact of the matter is, all that bullshit you see in the cage has nothing to do with real fighting either. Real fighting is real violence, real violence is real ugly. Real violence is real death. Real violence is real dirty. Real violence is getting shot and killed by someone who doesn't even know you but is jealous of you. Real violence is like the MMA Fighter who sees this video and gets so jealous that he wants to shoot can kill everybody in this video.

    This world is revolved around making money from your talents. If you can golf, you will make millions like Tiger to golf. If you can dance and sing, you can make money as a dancer and singer like Michael Jackson did. If you have no talent then you will either fight for money or sell sex for money. You will take part in the criminal enterprises. MMA is a part of the criminal enterprise.

    The more money you can make while putting your health and safety in the least amount of risk, the better it is for you. I respect Boxing as a sport much more than I will ever respect MMA but look at Mohammad Ali. No matter how much money they give you to enter into that ring, sometimes that money is just not worth it.

    Even Dave Chappelle was able to give up 50 million to not allow himself to be exploited. He realized that there are more important things in life than money.

    Real Martial Artists don't practice their Art for money, they practice their Art out of love. And when you see a Real Martial Artist expressing his Art, you will feel this love. The love spreads and is very positive.

    Although I have never been a big fan of Tae Kwon Do and its commercialized system here in America. I do respect the commercialized teaching of TKD over MMA any day. TKD promotes family, children, and positivity in the Martial Arts. Yes there are downfalls to its over commercialization but the downfalls are not destructive towards society, it is more of a humiliation opposed to a violent result of its over commercialization. It is not harmful to see a 9 yr old walking around with a blackbelt feeling proud of himself but it is harmful to see a 25 year old MMA Fighter walking around challenging people of all ages and experience levels to fight in the cage. There are problems with TKD and there are problems with MMA. But the problems with MMA are major problems, the problems of TKD are minor.

  2. Bruce Lee's expression of Martial Arts was not MMA and it was not TKD. It was a balance, but a true balance in the Martial Arts can never be taught to the masses, it is something that can only grow on an individual level. It is like a creation of a child. No one can possibly care for thousands of children, you will be lucky if you can even care for a handful of children!

    Jeet Kune Do and Real Martial Arts can never be shared properly to the masses. The masses can either learn MMA or TKD. And given the choice between the two, I promote the masses to head towards TKD over MMA.

    Rather than watch cage fighting, I promote people to watch Kung Fu Panda instead. The real Martial Art films like the Bruce Lee films, Fearless, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon don't come by often.

    1. but theres no more kung fu panda and bruce lee my opinion is watching you


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