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I am sorry if I am expressing too much negative energy.  I wish to express more positive energy but it is hard to do so livening in a very negative society.  I do my best to shelter myself from all the negative energy, but sometimes it finds its way to get in and then I respond.  A lot of times business is generated because of negative energy.  

The healthy smoothie shop goes out of business while the alcohol shop builds wealth.  The Martial Arts school goes out of business while the MMA gym is building wealth.  The healthy restaurant shuts down while McDonalds is expanding out to the East.  My meditation videos receive under 100 views in a day while my F*CK MMA video receives over 5,000 in one day.  

Fact is, if you are too positive, you will have a very difficult time integrating into this society.  If you are too positive as a business owner, there is a good chance you will go out of business.  Negative energy increases business and profits.  But too much negativity is very damaging for society, like too much pollution.  The longer the factory is open, the more money they make but the more pollution that is emitted into the environment.  Every time you drive, money is being made by the gas stations and car companies, but as money is being made the environment is being damaged.  Money many times is accumulated by the expression of negative energy. 

Negative energy is very powerful, it generates lots of profits.  Police Officers, lawyers, and judges profit from criminals who commit crime and are punished.  People pay attention when they see people fighting or arguing.  That is why MMA is so popular.  When I express negative energy, people pay attention, they may be upset at me, but they are still paying attention.  Rather than falling asleep like they do in class from a Professor that is too professional and positive, they are wide awake, with anger, ready to debate and even physically fight me.  Yes they are angry at me and anger is not good but at least they are not sleeping, their anger shows that they have been attentive, attentive enough to build anger within themselves.  Their anger demonstrates that my advertisement has worked. 

I have shared videos and writings with much negativity.  But it is not all negative, I have balanced out the negative with positive.  The person that is really upset at me can eventually find some goodness in what I am doing.  They have essentially been lead in by the negative to become positive and that is a beautiful thing. 

I can and have drawn people in by the positive and then I have scared them away with my negativity, this damages my business.  But it is a sacrifice; it’s not always about the money.  McDonalds and McBlowJo’s are all about the money but restaurants promoting healthy foods and Real Martial Art schools are not all about the money.  They have values that they wish to promote to the society that is beyond money, such as the value of health and wellness. 

Sure I can never publicly swear again but that is like telling me to never punch a punching bag on camera or when there is someone else around.  Punching the bag may startle people, it may intimidate people, it may make people think that I am a violent and scary person.  But it is a part of my overall expression,  I will not stop this expression.  Swearing and punching a punching bag is fun sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes.  It serves its purpose. 

Yoga is not for everybody because it specializes.  Do not ever expect to go into a voga class and learn how to punch and kick a punching bag.  The people that are appealed to punching a punching bag will not be interested in yoga.  So the business of Yoga loses out on this customer, it is inevitable. 

My teachings are not specialized, I express myself in many different ways, by me doing so, inevitably I will lose out on business as well.  I will lose out on business from those who expect consistency in expression.  There cannot possibly be consistency in my expression because I live my life in meditation.  I am in the present moment and the present moment can never be consistent. 

If I am angry I am angry, if I am happy, I am happy.  There is no such thing as consistency in meditation.  Consistency is false; it is a hiding away from truth.  It is editing your life in order to present yourself to be a certain way that you are not.  It is presenting to the world or the people around you, your false sense of self or Ego.  Consistency is Ego, being absolutely real in the present moment is being yourself. 

It is easy to express Ego but it is not easy to be yourself.  Bruce Lee stated that in his interview, and that is very true.  Very few people in this world will ever be real; they will always present to you their false sense of selves. 

I know I will never be the “Best” Martial Artist in this world and I am not striving to be.  And I may not even be considered a Martial Artist in many people’s eyes, because the meaning of being a Martial Artist is lost.  But what I wish to be known for is one of the realest human beings to ever live.  And that is what even Bruce aimed to be known for, as a real human being. 

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  1. Sifu, personally I do not believe that you have to be sorry for expressing your negative energy. I know that you are trying your best not to express too much of it but your inner heart want you to do so. That is okay to me. I am not saying that I have to agree with everything you say, but I admire you a lot for being one of the realest human beings ever! I admire how courageous you are for expressing your anger. Your anger is directed to the right way in my opinion. You are not directing it towards being physically violent towards other people. You express your anger at something that is not supposed to be acceptable for society which is MMA and UFC. They are both false representations of the Martial Arts and it needs to be pointed out. I am thankful that you have the guts to speak against them. Keep speaking out. Of course, I would not mind that you balance it with some positive energy either. :-)


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