Friday, June 20, 2014


This is my favorite rapper, hip hop artist, whatever you wanna call it. I respect 2PAC, and although I think that he is the greatest artist among the commercial rappers and who knows what might he have accomplished on his journey had he lived long enough, I believe that Immortal Technique transcended him. I do not mean to compare them, but in many ways Immortal Technique epitomizes the Truth or, as we in the martial arts like to call it, the Way.

The reason he is relatively unknown among the general public is that he chose to be an independent artist and he still refuses to sign with any major label that would make him compromise his principles. He is very popular in the underground rap community but he will never have a commercial success because of the corporations that control the music industry.

Here's one of his songs:

Also check one of his interviews so you will have an insight into what kind of person he is:

I have noticed that Sifu Lee and most of you guys like hip hop and the expression it brings so I would strongly recommend the documentary about him. It speaks for itself, find time and check it out. It will blow your mind for sure...

Enjoy and give me your thoughts...

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  1. I found out about Immortal Technique about 6 years ago on YouTube and he is one of the realist rappers I have ever known. I like his music and what he shares to the public. I do put him up there with Tupac. 2pac is still my favorite but I Immortal Techniques as well. I feel IT is more about the politics and influencing the world for change than the music. 2pac was a great Artist that would really entertain you with his music and he came out with so many albums in such a short amount of time. IT doesn't have that many albums and he is not very versatile in his expression, most of all his music is aimed towards the politics of the world and although it is cool at first, it does get old. I see that meditation is the key to all these world problems, but for him he is focused more on political change and I don't see that really to be the solution. But I do see him to be someone that is conscious of what is happening and doing that he thinks is best to inspire a change for the better. But as an Artist, I do not see him to be at Pac's level. But as a leader for political change, it seems has gotten the attention of a lot of people in power and has participated in and has been invited to many interviews with people in mainstream media. He is creating a buzz and he is still alive, whereas Pac was killed off immediately for being too real. IT is taking his time and being smart with how he expresses himself so that he can make a bigger change in the long run. He is the light for a lot of people who are interested in Hip Hop, because honestly, there are just not too many intelligence and wisdom in the industry. It's like trying to find a great teacher in prison, it will be hard to find someone like Malcolm X or IT. Actually IT has been in prison before, just like Malcolm. And of course 2pac was in prison as well. There are just not going to be too many qualified leaders coming out of prison. But IT is one of those people that can point the Hip Hop audience in the right direction.


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