Friday, June 20, 2014

Balance Is Not Easy

Achieving a balance is not easy as well as maintaining it. It's not easy having strength, looking muscular, and having flexibility at a balanced rate. It would take a life time to achieve a balance at the highest level. This also implies our brain/mind. We have two hemispheres of the brain, the left and the right hemispheres. The left hemisphere is our logical, masculine, analytical, and intellectual side of the brain, which we expressed. The right hemisphere is our creative, feminine, artistic, and intuitive  side of the brain, which we expressed. These two hemispheres are connected to each other. Our right side of our body stimulates the left brain hemisphere, while our left side of the body stimulates the right brain hemisphere. That is why most of the time left handed individuals are seen as more creative and artistic. What also stimulates the left and right hemispheres is mental exercise or just activities that we do everyday as well, so by solving problems (e.g math equations) the left brain is doing the work, and by practicing or drawing (art) the right brain is doing the work. So what I'm trying to do is improve on both of the abilities of each brain hemispheres and balance them so I become very intelligence/logical and creative. Before I was more left brained than right, and getting that balance is not easy. I heard that if you synchronize both of the brains (hemisphere) then you become powerful (sorry I can't find the right word) which is the result of balancing the two hemispheres. Meditation can synchronize both of the two hemispheres as well as listening to binaural beats. There are more ways but those are the only one I know. I guess practicing martial arts is another way, because you are in meditation. Yin-Yang as we all know symbolize balance. I guess this implies on what I said about  balance, as Yin is the feminine, creative, soft and flexibility and Yang is masculine, logical, hard and the strength (aspect of fitness). By having a balance this manifest Yin-Yang

I see that martial arts these day, well the so called martial arts expressions are unbalanced in this modern time as we see in the media. We either see that this so called martial arts is violent and about competition and too serious or martial arts is just about fun and games, and very playful. Real martial arts is about a balance between seriousness and playfulness, just because combative is involved it doesn't mean it's all about violence, it's about peace and harmony essentially. We don't see that often now. Most of the movies that may be considered about martial arts, only demonstrates the physical aspect of the martial arts, like you see the characters in the movies that are very fit, in good shape and is very skillful with their combative techniques. But we don't see the spirit and the mind emphasis in the movies that is being demonstrated. Modern day movies that expresses this balance of the body, mind and spirit is seen in Jet Li's and Tony Jaa's movies and of course others. The reason why many people don't have a balance in general, is because most of the famous people that is influencing these people, does not have and display a balanced, therefore making people think that it's cool to be unbalanced with their expressions in general. Many people nowadays are lazy and don't want to put the work and effort to achieve a balance. But as for me I'm constantly working hard to improve my abilities and attain that balance and will try to maintain it until I die.

Here is a picture of me holding the side kick and balancing on a medicine ball. It's not easy as I said earlier. I have a lot to work on. Maybe when I post another photo my side kick hold will improve, raising and holding my leg/foot higher:    
This is me now

nother one: (by the way that protein shake is not mine)

This was me last year. 


  1. Cool, balancing on that medicine ball sure isn't easy. Keep up the good work.

  2. Very nice post, very informative, you reminded me of how important it is to achieve a balance. If we train our bodies in balance, it will encourage a very balanced mental development as well.

  3. Fantastic post!. You are obviously more physically developed then the average person. Well Done!.
    I really like how you related the balance of the yin-yang and meditation to both sides of our brain. I believe that when someone is intellectually enlightened/educated, they may be able to see the principles of the Tao in the world around us. Recently I have been seeing it present in the world. It explains how the world works and can usually be scientifically proven. It is a way of interpreting the universe. We both think in similar ways. Thank You for sharing. Grate Post!!!.

  4. amazing balance i could tell you have great talent by developing the kick and mediating


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