Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hard Work vs. Talent : Philosia June 9 2014 - Personal Summary

   Hi everyone
I'd like to quickly summarise the message from a short and truthful philosia video that Freddie recently posted. Hard work vs. Talent. An intriguing topic when analysed. Hard work is like nurturing and refining your abilities. Talent refers to your genetic potential, what you are naturally good at. This sounds to me like the classic nature vs nurture debate. Freddie concludes that one should discover what he or she is naturally talented at, and develop/nurture their ability to a high level. I simplified these teachings into three words. They go as follows: Nurture Your Nature.    

If you haven't seen the video, the link is provided below if your interested. It's a good little philosia.


  1. Yeah im the one who asked him that question, was just curious about the two.

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  3. It was a great question and I feed off of great questions as topics of discussion. You did a great job in summarizing something that can be expressed in a fortune cookie that took me 4 min 38 seconds to speak about! Great job, that's what Lao Tzu was all about, simplifying the complex into something simple to understand. For future posts, you can click on the film icon to imbed videos into the post, I went in there and added the video onto your post.


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