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Love In The Martial Arts

To reach the highest level in the martial arts or take your martial arts into a whole new level, you must embrace love. The presence of love is what makes the greatest martial artist alive, because love is the ultimate or it is the highest level in the martial arts.

Unfortunately I can't really teach or discuss what true love is because that is for the woman, only the woman can teach it. Another thing is if I haven't experienced true love than I can't really talk about it. (I have been in a relationship but it didn't go well). But I just going to share what I've been taught by the people (typically my martial arts instructor)  and expose by the films that I watched and books that I've read.

I heard that love is what completes or fulfills oneself to become the greatest version of oneself. I can't really say anything about that, as I haven't experience it yet. But when I do, I can provide my experience and my outlook of it. But what I am going to share is just my limited perspective. I consider myself as someone young and naivete who hasn't fully grown yet, and is still growing.

So about love in the martial arts or love in general, to me it is the blend of energy. (I don't know about you all, but I see things in terms of energy and frequency which everything in this universe has a vibration.) The blend of energy occurs when energy (anything or anyone) works together. An example of this is you see couples hugging each other, which their energy is blending and working together in unity and harmony to become one. But in martial arts, Aikido (which is translated as ai meaning love, blending or harmony, ki means energy, life force, like chi or prana and do meaning the way or path) expresses this. So aikido can mean "the way of love energy", "the way of harmonizing the energy", or "the way of blending the energy", but many refer this to "the way of peace" which  peace is also refer to love and harmony. In aikido the purpose of its expression is to harmonize and unify the energy by blending with it, guiding and redirecting it. This can be seen in combat as I'll provide a link.

I can't really find a good example of it, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. I can show you all a better demonstration of what I mean by making my own video, but the problem is that I don't have anyone to demonstrate it on. This idea is also seen in the combative aspect of tai chi as the practitioner blends with the attack (that energy) and redirect it away.

This concept of love that aikido express does not only apply to combat, it applies to everything in life. Just remember that aikido is just a label that defines an expression, I'm only using it as an example because it emphasize this concept and is known for it as it is seen very often. Of course every martial arts expression do express that, but they don't show it often. This expression of love is only seen only by an individual who has reach a high level in the martial arts.

Lets talk about Steven Seagal's expression or interpretation of aikido. To me I feel that he has corrupted the label as his expression is violent. The way he perform is different to the way the founder perform. The real aikido expression is about blending the energy and working together to be in harmony, unity and in peace. Seagal's expression on the other hand is that he does not blend with the energy and forces the energy and works against it to be in disharmony, division and destruction. He guides the energy in a negative way whereas the founder guides it in a positive way. So Seagal's expression is not a very good example.

So for an individual (man) to understand this love in general and reach a higher level in their development (which may contribute to the martial arts), they must be taught it and experience it with a woman. Like I said I can't teach that's because I'm a male and I never experience true love so I haven't reach that high level yet. Only female can teach or show you males as I said earlier. That's what they are born to do I guess?

But what I can say is that you must have self love prior to loving others. Loving your self is very important as meditation manifest it. It will complete one half of yourself. The other half will come when you truly love a woman. What makes a relationship solidify or stabilize and successful is when both of the couples truly love each other, so meaning their energy are blending and working together in harmony, and it is balanced. My relationship that I was in, was unbalanced as our energy were working against each other. The one that I was with did not really teach me about love, but taught me depression. But at least I learn something, as learning is important. Maybe when I'm with a real woman who loves I can reach that high level and show you all what it's like (how is feels)

Another thing that I forgot to mention is I remember watching one of Freddie's video on chi energy, how a touch transfer chi, I think that what it was, I can't remember clearly. And he talks about during intimacy there is a lot of touching which more energy is being transferred. All that chi energy that is being transfer (to each other between couples) is blending and working together to make an offspring with masculine and famine energy unifying and becoming one. So essentially the concept of love that I'm sharing, with the whole idea of the blending of the energy thing applies to everything.

This is my outlook of what I have to say, hope you all learn something from this.        



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  1. Great post. In order to truly learn about love and to have it help you reach your highest potential in the Martial Arts, it cannot happen within the kwoon but outside the kwoon. The world becomes your kwoon, the teachings of love can only occur privately, the law will only allow it to be this way, the society is set up this way. Just think, people are not allowed to be in the public completely nude, even though it is completely natural, it is considered a crime, it is an expression of something peaceful and loving but it is seen as a crime while in public. But during expressions of creativity like in film, it can be allowed briefly to tell a story. Movies can actually help teach you about love and help you gain an understanding. True love needs to be experienced in order to truly understand, it is an experience, it is not dead knowledge that can just be passed onto the next person easily. If you experience true love, it will take your understanding of the Martial Arts to the next level, into the level of spirituality. What is beyond love is compassion. Compassion is the expression of love to the world beyond individual love and attachment. It is the love that is expressed by Buddha, Osho, and Jesus. Most will never reach this level of expression of compassion but will be trapped and confined to the individual expression of love, but even with this individual expression of love, it is still a very powerful energy


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