Sunday, June 15, 2014

Does Ground Fighting Work?

Hi all
Some of you may find this video interesting. It's from Antony Cummins, the same Martial Arts historian who did the video 'Karate is not Japanese', which was posted earlier by another blogger.


  1. Yeah I thought about posting that one too. He makes some interesting points in this video. It really shows the samurai attitude about ground fighting. Combat sports evolved later, in the time of peace where people fought to grow their ego, but it wasn't real. In actual combat there are no rules, weapons and almost always more than one opponent. Very good video.

  2. Thanks for informing us about this Martial Arts historian Alex. Things all started to go wrong when in times of peace, people invented this fake fighting thing to enhance their egos. It's extremely messed up. Why would people want to fight in the first place if in a time of peace!?
    Thanks again;)

  3. That's a good video, I will be sharing this one as well to the audience. What this guy is saying according to the Samurai history is what coincides with how I teach when it comes to reality based combat on the streets. Thanks for sharing, if it was not for you guys I would not even bother watching any of these videos but I trust that what you have to share is actually worth my time, and this video is a good one.

  4. This is a really good video, thanks for sharing

  5. Awesome, really puts things in perspective.


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