Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Broken wrists

I'm not trying to be an asshole in anyway this is just my opinion. I've been training for around a year maybe more i haven't really counted. I've never use wraps or gloves if i do its because my knuckles have cuts on them. The most serious injury i sustained was busted knuckles. People have told me that i could break my wrist or something more serious. I train like i do because i think our body's should be able to withstand powerful hits without pain because that pain can be a distraction. For instance someone who doesn't train their hands punches a guys face hurts his hand then what he's going to do. What if he gets kicked in the shins, or wants to block, and it hurts his arms. When people tell me things like breaking your hands or wrist I'm like you got to be dumb as hell to do that, or have terrible technique. I don't consider my self great at any means, if not I'm a beginner still in development of my own expression.  I guess i think this way is because I've never encountered a injury yet. I take it slow not to boost my ego or to show off. I think that how some people get hurt trying to break a lot of boards or bricks at once. Not listening to their body knowing their limits. Anyhow, this is just my opinion and i welcome any criticism that's how i learn.


  1. Every part of the body needs to be trained in Kung Fu and street combat, it is not the case for combat sport. When you keep training, you will see the importance of how one minor injury can limit your overall body expression. We train ourselves to be strong in order to prevent injury. Strong hands, wrists, fingers, and knuckles are very important. Developing your entire body to be strong is important.

  2. just one slip of a punch you could of broken your wrist i think that if people dont realize that then they dumb as a horse

  3. people dont think that you are a invincible stupid fuck alright do you see bruce lee getting hit every time or a rocket launcher is a powerful weapon can you stop that and stand in front of it try stabbing a knife in your brain if you think all of that it a fantasy land if you do


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