Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beautiful Day to Train

The hardest things I have trained my body to accomplish after 23 years of hard training really have nothing to do with kicking and punching.  Kicking, punching, choking, and breaking bones effectively are things that are very easy to do, but doing something like a 90 degree pushup is not easy, it takes a lot of training to be able to do something like this.  It is a better representation of hard work and effort compared to the basic Martial Artist who can only punch, kick, choke, and break.  And the great beauty of it, is that it is a completely nonviolent expression.

True Art is noncompetitive, it is creative, it is meditative. You do not need anyone there with you to express true Art, it can be expressed alone or with others but you are never dependent on others for its expression.  There is no such thing as better or worse in true Art, true Art is just pure expression. 

If you are truly talented in what you do in the Martial Arts, you will never have to go around hurting people. You are truly self-confident, you are not insecure, you know what you are capable of, there is no fear, there is nothing to prove to yourself or to those around you. 

I am all about promoting a healthy way of self-development free from competition.  This is a major difference between FMK and the typical "Martial Arts" school or combat sport gym.

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