Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Becoming one with the ALL: An essay from Tanulis

Patience. Balance. Adaptability.

In my years of training, those 3 aspects of life have become essential to the success of my own path.

  • Balance is the foundation of all. The mastery of self involves balance in mind, body and spirit.
  • Patience/Sustained attention in martial arts leads to well timed techniques.
  •  Free-flow movement allows for adaptability for endless growth and improvement.

When the body is patient, balanced and free, one can take on the qualities of the old rooted tree.. or the crashing wave.. or the unstoppable power of the wild stampede.. or the frigid void..

The seeker does not seek conflict, but truth. From truth comes awareness, from awareness comes compassion, and compassion gives freedom to others.

After knee surgery at a young age, I was taught the basics of martial arts movement, balance and form. After many years of training, I developed a style just for me called Way of the Woodsong. The movements were designed to help me bring my chi/energy through my whole being, similar to Taijiquan or Aikido, and allow me to become one with the ALL. When learning martial arts, its not the art itself.. but the getting in tune with yourself that matters. When the flow comes naturally, you are able to feel the energy around you build up and you can harness it for your own personal empowerment. 

As with all internal arts, there is no place for prideful competition or fighting for reasons OTHER than self-defense. The true Master always seeks peace, not ego-driven ambition.

Always Seeking,



  1. Amazing post, thank you very much for sharing and for joining this Blog. I very much look forward to more posts from you in the future. I see eye to eye with the views of which you stated.

  2. Thank you, my brother. Together we can be a consistent beacon of light to bring enlightenment to all!

  3. That was amazing. I hope to see you post more for demonstration purposes.

  4. I have more demonstrations on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ryangoodlett

  5. Loved it... reminded me a lot of my morning stick sessions in the park


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