Thursday, June 5, 2014

Martial Arts and Me

          My life hasn't been the best I've made a lot of mistakes and been depressed surviving on my own helping take care of my family riding two buses to work everyday to help put food on the table. I never had much growing up was very poor i had to earn every dime i got. Wasn't long before i started drinking all the time just didn't care anymore about life. One of my old friends contacted me one day and we did some catching up talking about life. He told me about martial arts and to try out with him sometime. So he picked me up and i went and enjoyed it ever since i been hooked it gave me a confidence boost and discipline i needed. I ditched the bottle and focused on training.

           Whenever I'm having a hard time i just put on my headphones and train like nothing else matters i block all the negative energy away and focus in the moment doing what i love.       


  1. Keep up the good work in your training. Thank you for joining this blog and sharing your experiences. Martial Arts has had a similar effect on my life as well.

  2. Just notice how to look at comments lol, and thanks guys i appreciate the feedback

  3. That is really cool. Keep it up. Life can be very hard sometimes but drinking makes it harder. Good you quit. I find martial arts a great way to stay healthy and positive. I hope life will get better and better for you.


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