Thursday, June 5, 2014

To all the FMK Stalkers/Haters This goes out to you!

You people really have nothing else to do, but to constantly insult FMK. Like really find something else to do with your life, instead of sitting behind your computer screens & saying "Hmm lets see what type of hate mail I should send to FMK today". I mean really I understand the hate getting sent to Sifu Freddie Lee on youtube, (which gets deleted & not read anyway) but please just stay away from the blog please. This is a spot for positive messages not hate, OK we want SUPPORTERS only. On a another note Sifu  I think you should ban all the unknown people from this site. A while ago Kang recieved some hate mail from an anonymous user, bashing on him & our supporters.


  1. I've changed the settings to no longer have anonymous people leaving comments, they will all have to be at least identified. There will be hate comments on this blog by haters but it's ok b/c the more traffic that goes on this blog the better for FMK. As these are the very people that need to be on this blog!

    1. sifu thank us we thank sifu that what i think


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