Thursday, June 5, 2014

MMA Soccer Kick

Here's a gif of the soccer kick.

How is this even allowed in competition? How can anybody allow a kick like that and call it professional fighting?

It doesn't look professional to me at all, I really don't think it takes much hard work to kick somebody in  the head once they are down.

An then once he kicks the guy, he raises his hands in glory, yeah mma fighters are tough, we get it, they are "hardcore", they  get their faces kicked on the ground, they get cut with elbows, and KO'd with knees to the face and they do that to others.

That doesn't mean they are Martial Artists, there's no way in hell this guys are martial artists, I have to admit, I do respect a few of this guys. But stuff like this, I can't respect.

Also I saw some comments on this, on different sites, and some people actually liked it. they were like "Oh, this reminded me of them good old days of Pride FC"

This people need to place themselves in other peoples shoes, what if it was you who gets his head soccer kicked, what if it was your son?


  1. Thats just how these MMA are. Its all about the "thrill of the fight".

  2. It disgusts me to even see that. All sorts of ground fighting needs to be completely eliminated in competitive sports unless it is the ground fighting of pure wrestling like in high school or college. Any sort of ground fighting otherwise does not belong in competitive sports. The golden rule of not hitting a grounded opponent in a competitive sporting context is an extremely important rule to have.

  3. That's really sad. They do not know what they are doing. You try and tell them that is not right and they will call you a pussy. These people have yet to be mature.

  4. That actually is illegal in mma but he did it anyway. I feel like that is something assholes do on the streets, Ground fighting should not allow strikes just take downs, pins and submissions.


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