Monday, July 15, 2013

Cell Phones

I have always felt that the masses have been so easy to control & manipulate.  So many people have cell phones nowadays, it's hard to get away from it.  I have felt that it would be very easy for those in control to give all cell phone users an early death by having the cell phone emit radiation that causes us tumors that end up killing us years before our natural time is up.  I have also envisioned that terrorists could easily implant bombs in cell phones that they could make explode at anytime in which to kill off millions of people all at once.  Already cell phones are being used as tracking devices.   And now with this article, it shows that it can kill you by electrocution.  Obviously they are going to try to keep this information low key, I'm surprised they even allowed this article to be printed.


  1. Not to mention, the rates of death are devastatingly high due to texting and driving. 23% of collisions involve cellphones. (that's 1.3 million collisions!) Can you imagine years from now? with all the capabilities that are portable on hand, it's only going to get higher.

    For everytime I'm the passanger & not the driver, I get very nervous when I see my driver texting.I admit, I do talk on the phone (yes, I know :( not good either) but texting? your eyes aren't even on the road!

    I can't help but flash back and think of the dont text and drive commercials of real (not staged) families that have lost loved ones/ disabled due to stupid texts like " I'm on my way."

    People are stubborn, and God forbid won't learn until something happens to them.

    1. Yeah you are not kidding about that. I own a cell phone myself. I am aware that anything can happen to me at anytime because of it...

  2. That article was no joke, at the same time it doesn't surprise me that much. And those statistics Ai brought's are crazy, people texting while driving are acting like dumbasses, seriously. I'm happy that i gave up on cellphones years ago, old school phones are doing the job just right.

    Plus doesn't that shit sucks when you can't even do one thing without reveiving two thousands calls, three hundred text messages and all that bullshit. And i like to disconnect that old school phone too, how can i sleep and try to do my things like working out, reading, watching good movies, translating and other stuff when the phone is ringing and dancing all around the appartment all day long. With the phone disconnected, i can relax and focus on more important things.

  3. To me, my phone is like a swiss army knife... it is a computer, a word processor, a calculator, a library, a magazine rack, a journal, a camera, a video recorder, a voice recorder, a mail system, a bank, a stereo, a calendar, a map, a flashlight, a television, a video store, and a phone, among other things... I resisted buying a cell phone for a long time. But when I finally did get one, I realized that this was a tool worth having. Yes, it can be dangerous, if misused. Yes, it can be an interruption to engagement with the moment, if misused. The challenge for the user is to reap the benefits, while avoiding the dangers


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