Friday, July 5, 2013

Fuck Marriage

Since I was enlightened, I’ve never agreed with the concept of marriage.  It is unnatural for a human being to be completely monogamous with just one human being for the entirety of our lives.  By nature we are meant to be attracted to beautiful things and this includes beautiful humans.  Marriage is an attempt to deny this natural attraction to others.  Marriage seeks to force us to be attracted to only one human being for the entirety of our lives.  This is unnatural, this leads us towards suppression, suppression then leads us towards mental illness.  Mental illness comes in the form of jealousy & possessiveness. 

Imagine a married couple being together for 10 years with 5 children in happiness.  Imagine the husband giving just one woman a simple hug or a showing of affection and then the wife being so inflamed with jealousy that she wishes to throw away the entire 10 marriage & ruin the lives of the 5 children just because of this. 

This is happening over and over in all marriages across the country.  We are so ready to pick up and leave because our “spouse” showed affection towards another human being.  How fucking ridiculous is this shit!?

Imagine a married couple being together for 10 years being completely sexually exclusive.  And just for one day, the man OR woman decided to be intimate with another, and then based on that one single action alone, the entire marriage is thrown down the drain, how fucking ridiculous is this shit!?  That’s like throwing somebody in jail who has had a perfect driving record for 10 years that just accidently gets in a very minor traffic accident.  The person had a perfect driving record for 10 years!  Your going to throw him in jail for one minor traffic accident?

Marriage is a fucked up idea & a fucked up way of living, it drives people mentally insane.  We are meant to be free & we are meant to love based on this freedom.  We are not meant to be forced to be together by law FOREVER. 

Imagine you just got divorced from your husband or wife for “cheating” on you 1 time in a span of 10 years.  You spend 2 years trying to recover from the psychological damage that has occurred to you because your spouse shared his or her body with another human being in intimacy.  After going to the psychologist for many years now you feel you are ready to date again.  You start dating and fucking a new stranger of whom you “trust.”  You don’t know the true history of this stranger, you never have and you never will.  But the truth is that this stranger has had sex with at least 10 multiple partners within the last month.  But yet you are ready and willing to give yourself to this stranger over your former husband or wife who only had one different sex partner in the last 10 years!  Shit is ridiculous and does not make sense at all. 

If you are to get a divorce, you should be celibate, because if not, you are just going to repeat the same cycle over again, it’s the same damn shit.  There is no such thing as true monogamy, it does not exist.  It is a figment of your imagination that has been constantly fed to your brain by the media and society.  Meet one “cheating” husband or wife and the next person you meet will be the same.  The only difference is in degrees.  One husband or wife may be able to last 20 years without being affectionate with someone else while another may only be able to last 20 days. 

It’s fucking sad how we have to hide sex and affection away from public view like it is fucking crack or some shit.  Affection and love is a beautiful thing but us humans have corrupted it so bad that we have turned it into something completely ugly, and we label this shit marriage.  I say fuck Marriage like the way I say fuck MMA, the shit is fucking garbage.  We should be bounded by Love & freewill, not bounded by Law.


  1. There's an important aspect of what marriage that rarely exists in our contemporary culture, and that is the economic alliance between families. It's only recently that marriage has been primarily about love, although love has always had a play in the mix. But in any case, getting rid of this economic alliance aspect has had a significant impact on what happens in marriages, and what we think they're about. Add to this the fact that our culture clearly celebrates disposability anyway, and you have a situation where the partners in marriage are not only in it for selfish reasons, but also feel like it's their 'natural' right to leverage that selfish interest over their spouse in ways that, as you rightly point out, are very unhealthy. Personally, I'm grateful that we still have marriage at all in our greedy society. We are meant to have these long-term bonds. I see it in other animals all the time, and I've had a spiritual dream - prior to, and prompting, my own marriage - that really made it very clear to me. Yet, we definitely do not need the unhealthy expressions of jealousy, basically a disdain for natural human affection, that we currently experience. Nor the level of disrespectful expression in general that we tolerate and normalize

  2. Speaking of that, there was a girl I was talking to yesterday. I am not in a relationship with her but there was one time she was going through my phone so she can see what kind of text I was sending to other women. She quickly assumed that they were all my girlfriends! When I tried to tell that they are just friends, she refused to believe me and starts getting all jealous. Imagine if I was married to her. Our marriage would not even last a month! Just the act of talking to another woman would make her file for a divorce. Marriage to me doesn't make relationship better. It makes it worse!

  3. But like now, you're married, and you say fuck marriage. I understand what you mean and all but, it's a little confusing meaning what will happen with your own marriage??? I know it's personnal but, how does Jenny feel towards that way of thinking? Does she agree will all that? I think marriage can be destructive, but it can be constructive too. When i look at my grandparents who have been married for 56 years, i think it's beautiful. I think there is a certain beauty in marriage, don't get me wrong it can get ugly, many times i've been the one saying fuck marriage, but growing up, i kinda understand the beauty of it a little more. I like the idea of being true to someone for you whole life, it takes dedication. Why would you be true and sincere for life with 'The Way' and/or 'Martial Arts' but couldn't be to one human being? Marriage can be a gamble, you can't really be sure if it's going to last in the long run. But how much love and dedication are you ready to put in it. Marriage is a challenge, kinda like having kids is a challenge and it takes a lot of energy. If i get married one day, i won't give my word to god cause i know i can fuck things up. But i can give a civile marriage a try. I don't know where you're at in your marriage right now, but stay strong, both of you! I know it's easy to say, i'm not in your position, but keep your head up!

    1. You are right. Marriage can be a beautiful thing but for a lot of people it's really destructive because of many factors such as cheating, money issues.. I have one question though: how do you stop jealousy? Some people see a little jealousy to be good. Do you think so?

    2. A little bit of jealousy with secrets and intimacy is healthy and natural if kept in balance in my opinion. Not caring one bit about who your lover have sex with would be ridiculous. At some point, an open relationship with no restriction would bring problems. It is normal to have secrets and privacy with a lover and not wanting them to be expose to other people.

  4. I really like Steve Caissy's comment about being true to "the Way" and Martial Arts but not being able to be true to one human being. I think that is a really good point. Life requires a lot of discipline in many areas. Marriage is very hard sometimes, but life itself isn't always easy.

    I really don't like it when men say that humans weren't meant for monogamy. That alone is probably the cause for a lot of insecurity in women.

    There are several benefits of being in a monogamous relationship. You have to worry less about getting diseases. I think that it is best for children to grow up with some stability in their home and to be with both of their parents. I haven't known anyone who has been in an open relationship that didn't eventually lead to a lot of jealousy and insecurity and eventually them splitting up. A lot of people want to mess around, but yet if their spouse messes around on them, they can't handle it.

    I know though that marriage is very difficult. Sometimes I wish I could fast forward past the emotional problems you have when you're younger, past the mid-life crisis, and just be able to relax and enjoy being married without all the drama.

    As a woman, I think that relationships can be hard because you give your heart to someone and make yourself vulnerable to them. Then you're more likely to be hurt excessively by even small things. I have been working toward having more balance and inner strength to hopefully help improve my marriage.


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