Sunday, July 7, 2013

Marriage is against "The Way"

Marriage is against “The Way”

Marriage is saving yourself for one person, the Way is sharing yourself with all.  It does not have to be sexual, I am speaking in regards to the spirit.  Marriage is allowing you to only help one woman and the children you have with this woman to grow spiritually, the Way requires you to help all of humanity grow spiritually. 

Marriage is being a teacher of the household, the lowest level.  The next level is being a teacher of a University.  The highest level is being a teacher for all of humanity.  Marriage limits your potential to grow; the growth potential of the Way is limitless.  Marriage is for the amateur; the Way is for the expert.  Marriage is a preparation towards the true Way. 

We must go through marriage in order to truly understand the deficiencies of marriage.  We must go through the ego and understand the ego in order to liberate ourselves from the ego.  Buddha himself was married, with a child & he saw the limitations.  He left this comfortable family life and decided to be a teacher for all of humanity, not just a teacher for the household.

The spouse does not want the sage to share his teachings with the world, the spouse demands the sage to keep his teachings only within the household.  The spouse wants to claim individual ownership over the sage, restricting the sage from entering into humanity and teaching all of humanity.  As the sage grows, he needs to cut off the marriage in order to continue his growth.  The sage may begin being married, not knowing the limitations of marriage, but as he grows, he will eventually be required to go beyond marriage. 

The great teachers of this world, Buddha, Osho, and Lao-tzu were sages not bound and limited by marriage.  Buddha started to grow beyond marriage once his interest towards enlightenment was sparked.  If the spouse is enlightened herself, there is no need for marriage.  Enlightenment creates the awareness of the limitations of marriage.    

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