Monday, July 29, 2013

Training to be Real

There was one time my older brother asked me why I am interested in getting in shape so much. I gave him few reasons: health, proficient in combat, ect... Now I cannot tell you guys how limited my answer was to him back then. You really want to know what my answer to this training physically is? I hope you are ready to hear this. I am training to be real! So what do I mean by that?
What makes a real human being is the perfect integration of the body, mind and spirit. Without the body, how can your mind and your spirit carry on? Exactly, you need a strong body to express your real potential. Being oneself is not about doing whatever you want. It is realizing the Way within and follow the Way. The Way does not know separation. The Way is integration of the body, mind and spirit. To live the Way is to be at one with all three. The only way we can integrate all three is to be in the present moment. In the present, there is awareness...There is peace. This is something the Western Mind will never understand because the Western mind only see past and future. He keeps on thinking about things therefore, he missed them. He thinks he is wise but he knows nothing.. He will never know anything unless he learned how to deal with his own ego. When the Western Mind is working out, he wants to impress people: girls, friends, you name it. He is working out in the future; therefore, he is not really working out. In fact, all his efforts will be in vain because later the people he tries to impress will give up on him when he is no longer in shape. He may have body, and mind but the Spirit has a long way to go!
In the East, things are very different. You train in the moment. You train to discover truth. You train to express your body. How does someone knows how to play the piano? Was not there some sort of training? Finger positioning..? Of course! Training the body is the same way as learning how to play the piano. If being real requires creativity like music, there should a systematic approach to get to this creativity. That systematic approach is getting strong with lifting, stretching, cardio training, ect... Thus, the body will be able to express itself totally and completely. To express the body totally, the integration of the body, mind, and spirit should be made; otherwise, it is not self-expression.

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