Monday, July 22, 2013

I Don't Like the Gym

I haven’t trained at the gym for many years; I went to a gym the other day for some training for 5 hours.  During those 5 hours I observed.  I quickly remembered why I stopped training at the gym.  The energy levels are not in tune with my energy level.  I would say that 95% of the gym energy is Yang and 5% Yin.  I quickly remembered why I had to create my own training environment that is more balanced. 

It feels like stepping into a dance club.  No dance club is ever the right dance club for me.  It’s like turning on the radio; no radio station is the right radio station for me.  The music that I enjoy will never be found in mainstream.  No gym will ever be the right gym for me; I have to create my own training environment. Too much ego, competition, and pride leads to destruction, it leads to something very ugly. 

Many people at the gym lack spiritual training, but they have no spiritual guide.  With no spiritual guide, the training that they do, can actually lead towards further destruction for themselves and the society.  At this kwoon, when I see an imbalance of energy, it will be mentioned.  When there is too much ego, I will teach you to meditate, when you lose discipline, you will be put back in line.  Balance and harmony is what leads towards true health. 

At the gym, there is no balance; there is no true leader.  It’s like stepping into a Martial Arts school but there is no instructor.  It’s like stepping into a classroom but there is no professor.  It’s like stepping into a store but there is no manager.  There needs to be leadership for those who do not know the Way.  


  1. I don't really like commercial gym either. It's better to go there than nothing but i've managed to build my own gym in my appartment. I got anything i need to stay in tip top shape and it's mine. I don't have to wait on somebody to use this or that, i have freedom of training when i want and the way i want. I train alone so no ego is involve, i don't have anybody to impress or try to impress. Plus i can coach my entourage when they feel like it and make some extra bucks. And to learn new stuff about fitness, i watch videos, try new things, read books and discuss training with my entourage. Basically this whole thing pretty much turned my life around for good. Keep up the good work with your Kwoon!

    1. Man you got everything pretty much set up at your apartment. I would love to do so too but where I live is not enough space for a bench press or anything else related to the martial arts. I guess I will have to save up some money to rent my own place so I can have more freedom.


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