Friday, July 19, 2013


Like all wise men, Nietzsche's teachings were also distorted and interpreted in a way that they could be used to manipulate people. That happened especially in the Nazi Germany, and that's why I had a kind of resentment towards Nietzsche.
Recently I've began reading some of his work, and I had to share my opinion.
I believe that Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the greatest philosophers of all time, especially in the west.
When you read his work you can clearly see how it easily translates to martial arts.
I'll dare to say that Nietzsche was a martial arts philosopher, although he wasn't really aware of that.

Here's a glimpse of his philosophy...


  1. I will check out his work. Can you tell me some of the books he wrote?

    1. Thus spoke Zarathustra is his most famous one. Some of the rest include Twilight of the idols, Ecce homo, The Antichrist, Beyond good and evil,Human, all too human etc..

  2. Great video, I was interested in studying him but his writings seem to be very complex to understand, this video makes his teachings very easy to understand, thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes, he did use a very academic approach and it can be very complex but also have in mind that he wrote in german and most of his work is poorly translated.


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