Tuesday, July 9, 2013


People who are very angry at me, don’t know how to get back at me, if they are customers, they threaten to stop being customers.  That is their way of revenge.  If they are truly religious as they make themselves out to be, then why are they seeking revenge?  If they are not customers, they don’t know how to get back at me, some threaten to “unsubscribe” or to defriend me, that is their revenge.  Really this is silly, why are they taking their anger out on me? 

I guess it is because instead of asking them which pill they want to take like the way Morpheous asked Neo, I kinda slipped it into their drink without them knowing and now there’s no turning back.  I guess that is the nature of FaceBook, it’s hard to not spy on peoples lives, now that’s what you get for spying on mine!  The pill of reality has been shoved down your throat and now you don’t know what to do!  In a way I am a dangerous teacher, most people are not ready to hear what I have to say, unless they are already awakened or at least close to it. 

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  1. You got like 4 thousands video outhere, your way of thinking is no secret. Before contacting you back in like 2010 or something, i've watched like 300 of your videos, and i was like, man he's on point, i'm buying his books. People just act like they didn't know at first what you're about. Truth is they knew or they could have made the research. Now they can't come out like that all shook and shit, it's just ridiculous. I choose that red pill, matter of fact, i want a whole box of red pills, truth is fascinating nomatter if it's painful or not. Keep up the good work!


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