Monday, July 8, 2013

Natural Beauty Over Artificial Beauty

A woman’s true natural beauty is no makeup and no clothes.  It is just you as is.  Few women accept this natural beauty.  They want to hide this natural beauty with the artificial.  They want to wear lots of makeup and fancy clothes to hide their true beauty.  When you hide your true beauty over and over again, you start to believe that the true beauty you have is ugly & because you believe it is ugly, it really ends up becoming ugly. 

The makeup destroys the skin and all the fancy clothing hides the physical flaws of the body that deserve attention.  When you hide behind clothes, you soon forget how important it is to maintain your physical health.  It is like having pimples all over your face and wearing a mask everyday & then eventually forgetting about the pimples all together.  Really the mask needs to be taken off & the skin needs to be properly treated and healed, in order to return to its natural state of beauty. 

The body can be deformed due to lack of proper exercise and then covered up with fancy clothes and soon forgotten about.  But when you have no clothes on, you see directly what parts of your body need attention.  You can then go through the process of proper exercise to transform you body back into its natural state of beauty. 

Typically we are born with beautiful skin, but all this makeup that women wear destroys their skin.  Being dependent on this makeup for many years ends up destroying the skin to such a severe extent that they end up becoming permanently ugly without this makeup.  And because you cannot wear makeup 24 hours a day, a woman can only hide the ugly face for so long before it is revealed.  So that man who thinks he is dating a beautiful woman becomes attracted initially.  But as he spends more time with her she will begin to expose her ugly face.  He then begins to gradually become repelled. 

He sleeps with her at night and sees her “ugly face” and wakes up next to her in the morning with her “ugly face.”  She then puts on the artificial face full of makeup and goes to work so that the public can see her “pretty face.”  She gets back from work and reverts back to her “ugly face.”  Now that the man lives with this woman, he no longer is exposed to the “pretty face” but only the “ugly face.”  Now he really begins to lose the attraction, as he was initially interested in the “pretty face” and not the “ugly face.”  He ends up becoming less intimate with this woman and searches for another woman whom has a “pretty face.” 

I see the problem is that women show their “pretty face” to the public and the “ugly face” in private.  What they should do is show the “ugly face” to the public and the “pretty face” in private.  A man prefers a freaky woman in bed that is a conservative woman on the streets.  Women should be dressing nice for the men they claim themselves to be in love with, they should not be dressing nice for the strangers on the streets.  If they want to keep a good man, they need to take care of the man at home and look good for him.  They should not be putting all this effort to looking good for strangers only to come home exhausted from all this effort in which to give her man the left overs. 


  1. Girls with make up are celebrating halloween everyday. They get all disguised and shit. I like halloween but not 365 days a year, that's too much halloween for me. I used to tell my ex girlfriend how much i liked her in the morning without make up and she coudn't understand. And on top of that, much of girls be spending more money on make up on a month that i've been spending money on a entire year of video games!! Much love to the natural woman's outhere...Don't be too natural tho, you can keep on cutting those hair on your legs lol.

    1. Man Steve, you are pretty hilarious about women still needing to shave their legs, plus other areas too of course! That made me laugh!

    2. Lol. Dude you are so funny. Hey we men shave too...even other parts. ;-)

    3. Lol, i thought mixing some humour with some truths could be interesting. I'm a big fan of humour. At the same time, who ain't? Can you just imagine a guy coming through all pissed off like, shit i just laughed for ten minutes straight, i freakin' hated it. So i say let's take things lightly, well as much as possible and have a good time exchanging our thoughts on this super FMK blog!!

    4. You are right. Besides someone who always look pissed off should be laughed at too. I know few people were able to mix truth with humour like Osho, George Carlin. To me, a wise person should be able to speak truth but at the same time make people.

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