Thursday, July 11, 2013


The development of body, mind and spirit as you probably know has no limit meaning you can't come out and say, i've mastered body, mind and spirit because you can always get better. It's no denying that you can get to a very high even an extremely high level of development but you cannot mastered it all 100%. From my point of view i think it's very nice that we can always learn and develop ourselves, it's like treasure hunting but for the body, mind and spirit, it's a quest that never ends, you can learn forever. And it's quite interesting because, when you take a look at Sifu Freddie's level which is no level (Mystic), you cannot really fully figure the character of this person, you can think you figured him all out or any other mystics but truth is their knowledge, their understanding and development is so deep that they always kinda comes out with something new that make sense nomatter what you bring to them and that's why they are in a good position to teach. You might not agree with all of Sifu's Freddie's teachings but you can't deny that there is always meaning in what he comes out with. Never i've read or watch something that he did that didn't make any sense at all. The guy is on point, and he's aware of his flaws before we've even noticed them, so at the moment you come at him with this and that, he's already working on his flaws if he didn't already corrected them. I'm not a mystic, not yet and i can't know for sure if i'll ever be one, but i'm at a level of development high enough to recognize one when i see one. If you don't like his attitude, i invite you to understand it instead of bashing on it.

Do you remember those martial arts movies in which two masters comes in real respectful manners and have a coffee before having a fight. While they take that coffee, the fight has already begun, they don't threaten each other at all, they just have an exchange between each other, and it's at that moment that you can tell who is more developped or powerful. They don't even need to fight, but there will always be one between the two who out of fear of being weaker will defy the more powerful individual. Truth is fight doesn't need to occur, it is sad that many people are fighting to know who's stronguer or at a higher level of development because just by the way an individual train is body, mind and spirit you can tell who's who and who's not. Now it's not a competition to know who can develop themselves more or whatever but i'm just saying that fighting is useless until you need to save or protect life around you from one or many extremely dangerous and uncontrolable individuals. A true master in most cases will be able to channel enough good energy and have enough presence to influence one or many individual to chill out without even the need of fighting. A true master will be able to light a fire and extinguish it if he wants, and the fighting will be there in case of exception. It is better to take a coffee and learn from a person of experience instead of trying to challenge him or her and then lose a confrontation and learn less at the end of the day.

Fighting in itself is simple, it is not something that complicated if you have good basics, reflexes and is quick to analyse and react properly to your environment. What is more challenging than that is getting able to stop people from fighting, being able to see from one hundred miles away an individual in anger and have enough power of influence to extinguish his fire, to be able to give just the right amount of good energy in the right time to almost any individual.

The term 'Master' doesn't mean that the person knows it all, it just means that the person has a lot to share, a lot to teach. Anybody can be a 'Master' to a 3 years old, but being able to be a 'Master' to the general public is something else. Development of body, mind and spirit doesn't stop, it's infinite, just like life evolution is infinite. And just like training, development in general is fun. So everybody let's keep on progressing and learning and be a good exemple around us instead of dissrespecting and/or destroying ourselves!

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