Monday, July 15, 2013

Rolling Around in Panties

Rolling around the ground with another man in panties is just not some shit that I would ever voluntarily do.  Rolling around the ground with another man in general is not some shit that I want to do.  That is one of my main motivations to never go to prison is because I don’t want to get raped!  This MMA shit is some nasty stuff.  Rolling around the ground with another man with his nutsack all over your face is just something I am not into, that’s not Martial Arts, that’s gay porn.  If you’re into that stuff, that’s fine, but I’m not. 

I see these men are hiding in the closet with some desperate need for affection.  This type of training is not for men but rather it is supposed to be for men and women.  A man is supposed to train a woman how to survive a rape situation.  Two men are not supposed to be raping each other, unless they are in jail and that is the type of shit they want to do.  I want to stay as far away from that shit as possible. 

If I end up getting the concealed carry permit and a dude tries to take me to the ground with that bullshit I will blast that motherfucka away, I don’t play that shit.  If you wanna fight, fight like a man and stand the fuck up, don’t try to rub your fucking dick all over my face and shit, get the fuck away from me.  If you into that Gay stuff then fine, but I’m not.  I don’t fight like I’m Gay, that’s why I don’t practice MMA.  Fuck that bullshit! 

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